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Mar 31, 2009 04:09 AM

Where Can I Buy Squid Ink Pasta-- Shoreline/New Haven

Hi all-
Has anyone seen squid ink pasta-- preferably fresh-- for sale in and around the shoreline or New Haven area?

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  1. not fresh, but I'm almost certain I saw some dried at Fromage in Old Saybrook.

    1. Pasta Cosi in Branford (Short Beach) used to sell it fresh, but I can't say if they do now. Been years since I have been there.

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      1. re: shoes

        If you want it must call ahead and preorder it...especially with the holiday right around the corner.

      2. I saw it (dry) at Romeo & Cesare's on Orange St. in New Haven, but that was about a month ago

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        1. re: mmalmad

          I saw some at Nika's market yesterday.

        2. Maybe Andy's Market E.Haven or Liuzzi's? I would have also said Pasta Cosi but I haven't been there since they moved downtown.

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            Pasta Cosi has their pasta made at Andy's...same machine,same guy as in the restaurant.