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Mar 31, 2009 12:26 AM

Piquillo Pepper- where in Vancouver?!

I need to buy Piquillo peppers for a recipe (preferably fresh but roasted is ok too). It's a Spanish chili. Does anyone have any idea where I can find them?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. My guess would be South China Seas Trading or Gourmet Warehouse.

    1. I'll go with fmed on that - fresh: South China Seas Trading on Granville Island; dried: Gourmet Warehouse.

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      1. re: hrhsheba

        Called both. Nope and nope. I should be able to find some canned ones though. Thanks though, peoples!

      2. Canned ones at Meinhardt's. Cheap, too!

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        1. In the Seattle area, the least expensive ones, in a jar, are from Peru. I believe it is the Napoleon brand. And just today I found them at Trader Joes, with their own label. I think they are pretty good, but I've never bought the much more expensive ones from Spain. There is a TJ in Bellingham, WA.

          The Spanish Table, near Pike Place in downtown Seattle (and online), carries various brands of piquillos in jars or cans. In season they also carry fresh Pimientos de PadrĂ³n (from a grower in Oregon, I think), but I don't think they carry fresh piquillos.

          1. south china would have been my first thought as well, love the fresh shiso, and habaneros.....but should be able to get canned ones at a market on commercial if they are latin chilies

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              If in a bind, could you just use fresh pimientos and roast them?