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Mar 30, 2009 09:20 PM

baby-friendly restaurant for weekend brunch/lunch/tea

I will be visiting Vancouver in May and will be seeing many of my friends who have young children. I want to have an event brunch/lunch or tea where my friends and their children will be welcomed. Perhaps 12 adults in total with 6 children (less than 3 months to 4 years). I also expect that the mums will not be able to stay the whole time with their very young. I have been living away from Vancouver for almost 5 years, and can only come up with chain restaurants like Red Robins or White Spot. Anything baby-friendly with some nicer food and that won't get overly crowded on a weekend? Thanks!

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  1. Are you considering Chinese restaurants? They are used to that kind of thing. Some of them have sectionable areas if you would like a bit of privacy (and toddler control). We had an event full of kids from 3 months to 8 yrs at Sun Sui Wah on Main St a few years ago. They sectioned off a space (using sliding walls) for the event.

    I'm at a bit of a loss for non-chain Western restaurants though.

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      Cafe Deux Soleil on Commercial and 5th is very baby friendly and the brunch is decent. I think it's mostly or all vegetarian...I'm not sure how they are about accommodating such a large group, but you could call them and ask. They have a play area and lots of toys. Definitely more of a hippie vibe though...

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        Definitely a child-friendly place...I don't know if they take reservations. (For the record, I'm not a fan of the food there). And you nailed it with 'hippy vibe'.

        Another child-friendly place is Little Nest at Commercial and Grant St. The place is a cacophony of kids on the weekends. I don't think they take reservations there either...but the food is good.

    2. No specific restaurants to recommend but as a parent of three ages 7 and under, I suggest a brunch buffet. There might be a line to get in (if the place doesn't take reservations) but at least the kids won't be stuck in their seats at the table waiting 20+ min for food and a buffet of choices means that even the picky eaters should be able to find something. Will it be the absolute best chow? Maybe not, but you won't spend the entire time chasing the kids and dodging dirty looks from other people who think kids should only be seen at McDonalds.

      1. Maybe you could give Mon Bella Bistoria a call. They strike me as the type of place that would be fairly accommodating regarding children. They aren't overly busy on weekends, and the food is pretty good.

        1. Not the brunchiest menu, but Rocky Mountain Flatbread is amazingly kid-friendly. Front room has easy access to a play area to keep the more energetic kids busy. It's a great lunch spot and a short walk to the beach after for a run around. If you want to do a dinner there on a Sunday/Monday night the kids can make their own pizza. It is busy (at least a dinner) but they do take reservations. We saw a giant group of close to 20 adults and a bunch of kids last Saturday night, looked like the staff handled it easily.

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            They're also very responsive to allergy concerns if that's an issue for anyone.

          2. I think the idea of a private room is best if you are looking for a place that fits elegeant brunch and is kid friendly. I would recommend Province Marinaside which has a windowed room which can be curtained off and/or Sutton Place Hotel's Fleuri restaurant which has two private dining rooms off the main dining room. Province Marinaside offers a weekday afternoon tea by reservation only. The Fleuri Restaurant has a beautiful Sunday buffet brunch. Both restaurants are on the pricier side ($12-$18 for brunch entrees at Provence and $38.95/per adult for the buffet at the Fleuri)