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Mar 30, 2009 08:39 PM

Loved Animal! Anything comparable?

I just had dinner at Animal restaurant and absolutely loved it! we ordered the foie gras appetizer, poutine, pork belly with kimchee, basque melted cheese, ribs, loco moco and fried quail. Outstanding! not to mention the prices were very reasonable and the ambience was great, not too pretentious. I have been searching for places like this in LA. Does anyone have any other suggestions on a restaurant that is comparable? Thank you!

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  1. Well, it's not new place, but in my mind, Hungry Cat has the same sort of 'vibe'. Casual, great food, and the addition of some of the city's best cocktails (imo!). Unpretentious high-end food....

    1. wasn't the loco moco like 35 or 36 dollars that is very expensive by my standards.

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        Though the loco moco does have foie gras as part of the ingredients (and the thing about mains at Amimal is that the dinner has a starch and a vegetable - so you can get away without ordering sides or even an appetizer if you don't have a "hearty" appetite).

        1. re: kevin

          Exactly. If you know of another entree somewhere in town that features foie gras and substantially costs less than that, please share!

          1. re: mollyomormon

            foie gras and filet mignon at bimi for 18 dollars at BiMi on Wilshire.

            also, the foie gras with biscuit at 22 bucks, is also pretty expensive for that type of dometic foie gras usually it's in the 15-17 dollar range at most fine dining restaurants.

            1. re: kevin

              How big is the portion at BiMi? And how is it? I had a foie/steak skewer at Robata-ya for around that price, but the portion was teeny tiny.

              1. re: mollyomormon

                Yeah, you're right it is probably much smaller than the hamburger topped with spam topped with foie gras at animal, but then again what does Spam cost?

                hopefully, there will be new, interesting items on the animal menu for april.