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Mar 30, 2009 07:11 PM

Mango Mango - New in Amherst - Anybody Been?

It looks like the "coming soon" signs that have been up for a while advertising the opening of "Mango Mango" are down an the place is open. This is in the spot that was the original location of the Fresh Side, and from what I googled, it's the same owner. Anybody been yet? Menu looked a little... weird, but I'd be curious to hear firsthand experience.

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  1. How or why did the menu appear "weird"??

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      severe multi-kulti stuff, like couscous with naan. i don't remember too exactly, it just struck me as funny, a bit unfocused.

    2. I tried the new restaurant, Mango, Mango, owned by the same people who bring us Fresh Side. Since I love Fresh Side, at least their spicy bean, edo tea rolls, and pad thai w/chicken, I decided to give it a try. The menu boasts about 8-10 sandwiches and about 6-8 small plates and salads. The concept of the restaurant is definitely fusion, a mixing of tastes and ingredients from a number of different regions. For instance, I tried the Tilapia Naan, a sandwich with two pieces of fried tilapia covered with cabbage, guacamole, cabbage, tomatoes, sour cream, and a much needed slice of lime (think fish taco on a piece of grilled naan.) Overall, the taste was good. My fish was perfectly hot and crispy. I think it needs a different type of sauce, maybe something that has a bit of spice and kick to it, like spicy mayo or a chipolte sauce. It was missing something, including salt and pepper which I added. The sandwiches come with your choice of salad (weird dressing) and vegetable fries (which I didn't get). They also have main dishes as well. I can't remember the other stuff on the menu, but it is definitely a weird mixture of tastes. The sandwiches start at $6 and the tilapia naan was $8. For all those who love the curry chicken salad at Fresh Side, you can now get more than the teaspoon that they give you in the tea roll on a sandwich!

      I was the only customer in there at 1:15 PM, so the place definitely has not caught on for the lunch time crowd or I was late. It is nicely modern just like Fresh Side and as of right now, you don't have to wait to be seated; it is order at the counter.

      Overall, I think that the fusion tries too hard to be fusion. Just like its sister (Fresh Side) be prepared for sometimes bland food. I will be trying it again in the next coming weeks, so I can give a fuller assessment of the menu. Hey, I can't spend $8 on lunch everyday.

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      1. re: flfoodiegurl

        Had Dinner there this evening. We have been waiting for this to open. While Fresh Side moved their awesome food with them, they picked up a lot of customers and long wait times along the way.
        The overall prices are reasonable. Appetizers (small bites) are 4 - 6, sandwiches 6-10, entrees 8-14 and deserts 2-4 (And there is A free water dispenser)
        We started with an appetizer of Nan with homemade guacamole ($4.00) The nan was served warm and was cut into 6 triangles. The guac was served in a bowl in the center consisting of avacado, onion and tomato. Very little if any mayonnaise.
        The other appetizer we had was a potato cake on a bed of greens. ($4.00) It was a crispy pan fried cake, while it was good, it could have used a sauce or dressing.
        Our main entree was the vegetable curry couscous ($11.00). It's not mentioned anywhere on the menu, but the entrees seem to come with a side salad. Ours was a delicious mix of greens, shredded carrot, daikon radish & coutons with a drizzle of a dressing that I can't quite place (either peanut sesame or tahini base) but it we liked it alot. The curry was not at all spicy (which I asked about and was told it wasn't, Many might even call it bland) with fresh veggies and a mound of couscous and was easily enough for us to share.
        The desert was a brownie ($2.00) which was good but not remarkable. Next time we may go 2 doors down for coffee & desert at Black Sheep.
        They don't have menus available for take out yet as the "menu is still evolving"
        In conclusion, we left satisfied and felt we got our $22.05 worth!

        1. re: belcherveggie

          I sure hope there was no mayo in the guacamole! That sounds disgusting. Thanks for the review though, sounds kind of interesting if a little bland. I'm still hoping for some really good restaurants to open in the valley but I've been waiting a long time. Maybe we will venture out to Mango Mango and find out if this is the one.

          1. re: fillyfilet

            Mayo/Sour cream in Guacamole is not as rare in the Valley (or anywhere - see ) as you might think. Personally if it has it in it it's a big strike against in my book. Being Veggie (borderline Vegan) we ask a lot about ingredients.

            1. re: belcherveggie

              Well thanks for that tip! To my knowledge I have never had guacamole with mayo in it. I'll be on the lookout now. To me that defeats the whole purpose of guacamole.

      2. Just bumping this up fishing for new reports - I still haven't been, it looks like they have been open long enough to catch their stride, and/but it never seems too full. Anybody know more about how they are doing? How's the food?