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Mar 30, 2009 06:52 PM

Anyone used Boistfort Farm CSA? New Roots?

Mr. PG may be able to get Boistfort Farm CSA deliveries at work. Has anyone tried their veggies?

While I'm at it, anyone used New Roots Organics?

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  1. I've heard good things about New Roots, but be aware that a lot of their produce is from CA these days. They are not strictly local.

    1. I'm a regular Ballard farmers market shopper and I've always loved the variety and flavor of Boisfort's veggies. And the farmer Mike Peroni (sp?) is very conscientious about how and what he plants to keep his farmland healthy.

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        I love the Ballard farmer's market, though it's not convenient for me to go every week. For some reason I can't remember Boistfort's booth....but the recommendation of a chowhound as to both taste and care is very useful. Thanks!

      2. I can vouch heartily for Boistfort Farm. Over the years we've bought an ever increasingly wonderful variety of produce from Mike Peroni. He started out small at the Olympia Farmer's Market - quite a few years ago (in the 80's?) - as a friendly but determined fellow selling some garden produce augmented by foraged chantrelle and morel mushrooms. Since then, he has married, had a family, and the organic farming business has grown and flourished with the help of his wife Heidi. They were hit very hard by the devastating Lewis County floods in December of winter of 2007, but they recovered well and never missed a beat with their CSA folks. One caveat - we have never subscribed to a CSA (Boistfort included) since we grow a lot of our own vegetables and augment them by going to a variety of farmer's markets in the Puget Sound region - but if I were going to sign up with any farmer, I would choose Boistfort for the quality and variety of their offerings.

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          That's really helpful info. Thanks, Olympia Jane.