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Mar 30, 2009 06:29 PM

How's Po lately?

It used to be great, but I haven't been there in many years.
Is it still good?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. i went in the fall and it was amazing. still yummy.

    1. I went in December and it was amazing. We did the tasting, and asked them to bring us the more "out there" creative/challenging selections. Every single plate was delicious -- a really fresh, light anchovy salad, kale ravoili, sweetbreads, rabbit gnocci (if I'm remembering right). Great wine too (it was either a Sagrantino di Montefalco or a Sangiovese). I would definitely recommend it.

      1. I went about a month ago and it was delicious - we had orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe and the skirt steak.

        1. I went 2 years ago and it was very, very ordinary. Not bad, but nothing special.

          1. We went a few weeks ago and last year (I posted a report). It's a small place and good value. Service is very good. It gets lively. There are only a few tables I enjoy eating at - the one in the back corner near the kitchen hallway entrance and up front in the window.

            The food was fresh, simple, very good. Liked the apps and entrees better then the desserts. Would go back but don't consider it a destination.

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              Agree about the desserts -- my bf had a wonderful fruit pie/tart, but my chocolate cake thing was boring (why do they always give the chocolate thing to the girl?). I'm rarely wowed by desserts anywhere though. All in all, I think we had 6 courses, and only one half of one of them was less than stellar, so pretty good.