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Mar 30, 2009 06:15 PM

Epicure Imports (Wholesale Food Warehouse) - Next Public Opening

For anyone interested, Epicure Imports will open its doors to the public this coming weekend:

Friday, April 3: 1:30pm - 6:00pm
Saturday, April 4: 9:30am - 2:00pm

Epicure Imports
6900 Beck Avenue in North Hollywood

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  1. What kinds of food do they sell? I am looking for large cans of imported Amarena cherries from Italy.

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    1. re: paprkutr

      Hi, paprkutr!
      I never noticed any large cans of imported Amarena cherries, but perhaps someone else will chime in.

      They sell wonderful cheeses (be sure to taste at the tasting table outside the cheese room), pates, chocolates, baking goods, spices, wines, pastas, cooking oils and vinegars, nuts and drinks...other items that I can't recall. Some of these items are in large quantities, but others are in smaller sizes.
      Beware that most prices are not marked; you can, however, ask.
      I think their cheeses are worth the trip!

      1. re: paprkutr

        Are these cherries sweet or tart? Packed in water or syrup? I have never heard of these.

        1. re: Burger Boy

          they are italian cherries packed in syrup

      2. Do they sell San Marzano tomatoes there too?

        1. I haven't heard of this place. Is it similar to Surfas in Culver City?

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          1. re: quine9

            It is a wholesale food warehouse. They carry a variety of food items (many French products) which include chocolates, cheeses, wines, cooking oils and vinegars, baking products and beverages. Unlike Surfas, they do not have any cookware items.

            They open their doors to the public a few times a year and you can wander their aisles and visit their cheese room. Many (most!) of the prices are not marked, so you can either just blindly toss stuff in your basket or run back-and-forth and ask.

            If you are looking for bargains, you might be disappointed since many of their items can be found elsewhere for better prices. If you are looking for some really delicious cheeses (that I have not seen elsewhere) and a fun experience, go for it!

            1. re: liu

              "If you are looking for some really delicious cheeses (that I have not seen elsewhere)"

              Sounds intriguing!

              What cheeses in particular do they carry that you don't find at say, Beverly Hills Cheese Store, Silverlake Cheese Store. Andrew's Cheese, etc?

              1. re: vinosnob

                Hello, vinosnob!
                We have been to Epicure Imports about six times, and every time we have found something in the cheese room that has been wonderful...and different from what we have found in other cheese stores. It certainly might be that the cheese shops carry some of these cheeses, but Epicure Imports has featured some truly fine cheeses. With their guidance, we have focused on some extraordinary products from their cheese room and thus been able to purchase something we might otherwise have glossed over in another busy cheese shop.

                I have been to all of the cheese stores you mention in your post, and we have enjoyed all of them for different reasons and tastes. However, unless you enter a cheese store to find something specific, a lot of the outcome depends on how you are directed by the cheese staff.

                Specifically, this last time we left Epicure Imports with some Badoz French Cancoillotte Nature "La Marmite." If you scroll down on this post -- -- you will see a photo of this liquid gold. It might be available elsewhere, but someone at Epicure guided us -- in French! -- to this taste from Heaven. No one has ever taken me there before! We always walk away from Epicure with some fine cheeses.

          2. Thanks for the heads up. I will be there Saturday with my broken French. Can't wait to see all the cheeses!

            1. Thanks for the heads up! I asked them to put me on their e-mail list last time but I guess I didn't make the cut.

              Take a jacket -- it's cold in the locker where the cheeses and charcuterie are on display. And take a market basket or a wheeled cooler. I understand their wine prices are excellent and you'll need something to tote them.