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Mar 30, 2009 06:12 PM

Seeking North Mississauga Recommendation

My wife and I are taking out my brother-in-law for dinner Friday, who's in town this weekend staying at Mississauga Rd, just south of the 401. Since we're not that close and will be doing a fair amount of driving, we'd like to find something relatively close by. We're also restricted in cuisine type as he's turned down Indian, Japanese, Thai, Mexican. We looked at Colossus and while it definitely appealed, it's a little far. Seems as though anything Western European, continental should work.

We also noticed a new resto in Streetsville, Mondello, which actually took the place of Martin's which we tried and enjoyed. From the web site, it looks like a decent option but would be interested in knowing if anyone has tried it.


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  1. I would recommend Saucy in Streetsville..very closeby to where you will be and great food!

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      Hi, I was just at Gabriel's on Miss. Road just East of Erin Mills pkwy on Saturday and it was quite good...been there a few times and never disappointed. Primarily Italian however my wife had Chicken Souvlaki and I had meatloaf and both were good...a bit noisy with people playing pool at the front but other than that no complaints.