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Mar 30, 2009 05:32 PM

Postino on Central (PHX)

Stopped for lunch at Postino on Central today, the official opening day even though I'm told they had a soft opening last Monday. Very nice.

It's just north of Camelback on the west side of Central in the old Katz's Deli. (Should they have called it Delino to keep the theme?)

Cute place! Smaller than Postino, with lounge, booth, bar and table areas inside and a small patio out back. Front floor-to-ceiling windows slide open, and the back is literally an open bar, with stools/patrons outdoors and bartenders indoors.

Menu is the same. I had the Italian picnic salad (too much goat cheese, even for this cheesehead, but otherwise delicious) and the wonderful Autostrada panini with Italian meats and cheese on focaccia, along with a lovely Montepulciano. Service was chipper and efficient.

It's almost a crime that all wine is $5 a glass only from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. It creates this burning desire to play hooky from work regularly. Good thing I don't work downtown for a major corporation anymore, or I'd surely get myself canned for taking the light rail, spending 2 hours at lunch and coming back tipsy.

Wart: In typical LGO fashion, the tiny parking lot is a nightmare. I got the last spot even though the place was only about half full, if that. Valet is complimentary, but you still have to tip. I'm not terribly familiar with the area. If anyone has advice on where I can park a few blocks away and walk, do tell.

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  1. If the images on Google Maps street view are to be believed, it looks like street parking could be available on W Medlock and W Pasadena, 1 and 2 blocks south of the restaurant, respectively.

    1. If the experience in Uptown is anything like what occurred in Arcadia, residents of those streets will soon petition the City to make parallel parking restricted to neighborhood residents. if that occurs, parting with 2 or 3 bucks to tip the valet attendant will seem small compared to a parking ticket. Alternatively, the new location can be reached via light rail and bus routes 0, 29, & 50. I think there is also a bike rack.

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        Yes, I see myself parting with the $3. How I wish I had access to light rail, but I would have to walk 1 mile, catch a bus, ride 45 minutes to downtown Tempe, and then ride it through downtown and up Central from there. Not saying it can't be done, but it's rather time-consuming when you consider it's about a 20-minute drive.

        Anyway, the prices are the same -- $9.50 for half a salad and half a sandwich, which I think is really reasonable for the quality -- so that extra $3 won't kill me.

        1. re: silverbear

          Correcting my post above: route 39, not 29, in case anyone cares.

        2. we went on friday and it was a major bummer...i'll absolutely go back and give them another shot but our experience was a big giant dud.

          first off - i was about 5 minutes late - my 2 friends ordered an iced for me. 15 minutes after we got there we didn't have as much as water on the table, let alone the iced tea i asked them to get so we could jump straight into ordering.

          our waitress comes after we asked 2 separate ppl to get her. the soup changed from when my 2 friends sat down from red pepper to pasta fazool. the pasta was total mush, it wasn't good, it appeared that the soup sat there all morning and cooked everything in the soup to the point where it loses texture. eeeewww. after she dropped the soup on the table we heard her tell the table next to us the soup was now chicken florentine. 3 soups in under a half an hour? we felt like the pasta fazool soup should have been left out entirely.

          i had the rasberry chicken salad with gorgonzola. if that was gorgonzola i'd be surprised - it was bright white, the consistency of grated parm, and didn't have any salty, tangy bite that i love from gorgonzola. the salad was OK but def missing the gorgonzola. i asked the waitress what kind of cheese and she launched into a lecture about young gorgonzola. i was thinking, yeah, i know that, when did the texture change to sand? we all 3 tried it and not one of us thought it was gorgonzola.

          the place is super cute, the valet was nice. we had lunch at 1 pm and even then cars stretched into the street. i can see where this is headed ;)

          i'll give them try number 2 but i make sure not to have the same server. a little attitude served with lunch is a drag, esp for a $9 salad ;) and skip the weird mystery cheese ;)

          do i win a prize for most times gorgonzola appears in a sentence? :D

          1. You picked my two favorites. Picnic salad and autostrada are both really great.

            I am eager to check this place out, as the original is one of our favorite restaurants in town.