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Mar 30, 2009 05:14 PM

What to order at Lilette?

I'm going to be heading there in a couple of night and was wondering what some of the favorite apps/entrees/desserts are? Thanks.

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  1. Appetizers-White Truffle/Parmigano Toast or potato gnocchi, beets w goat cheese
    Salad-Braised Veal Cheeks w greens
    Entrees: I have tried both the grouper and the pork belly and enjoyed each of them equally. My husband had a hanger steak, which I tried but much preferred my entree.
    Desert: Goat cheese creme fraiche w poached pears and I believe lavendar honey.
    I guess it is totally about personal preference, but I LOVED everything but the hanger steak, but that is not my favorite dish anywhere. My husband loved it. Try sitting outside if possible. Enjoy!

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      Thanks scarlett. Sounds great. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

    2. My fiance loves the hanger steak. I enjoyed the beet and goat cheese salad and scallop appetizer. The homemade ice creams are to die for!!

      1. Pears and Goat cheese for desert are a must!