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Mar 30, 2009 05:11 PM

Springfield, MO - good dinner

I am in Springfield quite a bit these days for business and am looking for dinner beyond the Ruby Tuesday's near my hotel (N Glennstone). Any suggestions for good food and a place that is solo diner friendly?

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  1. Down at Glenstone and Sunshine, (west on Sunshine from Glenstone cpl of blocks) there's a Thai place Thai Peppers I believe is the name. Serve up some tasty Thai. Springfield Brewing Company downtown is an ok bet for Bar and grill fare w/ a craft beer to wash it down. Their beers are nothing super adventurous, but well made. There's an Italian strip mall joint at Battlefield and National, D'Arpinos(sp?) that serves up some nice standard Italian fare. Reasonably priced, good portions and excellent service. Had an excellent Eggplant Parm there and decent greek-style pasta w/ olives, feta, tomatoes. A local guilty favorite is Mexican Villa, Multiple locations(google and find the one closest to ya', I like the one on National) Total gringo, TexMex joint, huge portions and friendly service. My old favorite is the Burrito Enchilada Style, a ginormous burrito smothered in red enchilada sauce. Great hangover food! Don't miss Andy's frozen Custard for a treat after dinner. This place has me stopping in Springfield every time I pass through. Again multiple locations, but there is one on Sunshine in the opposite direction of the Thai place above. Hope this helps. Springfield is tough sometimes and I've lived away for a bit.

    1. If you have some free time during the day go check out Askinoise Chocolates in Springfield. Shawn is producing some of the finest single origin chocolates in the United States. He is one of the few bean to bar producers in the USA, creating the chocolate from the raw kokoa beans.

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        Excellent suggestion - I will go- thanks!