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Mar 30, 2009 05:10 PM

B-day Fiesta

Hi- looking for suggestions for a Mexican restaurant - want to keep it relatively inexpensive and casual for a large group( 10-12 peeps). Looking for yummy margaritas and tasty food in a fun, lively atmosphere- would prefer something down town with a little character.

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  1. el cantinero on university is a good spot. festive, not expensive and decent food for mexican. great for groups. i had my birthday dinner here in september. also if you can hit up the happy hr the bar upstairs is very entertaining. they also have a garden with a roof which is nice.

    1. What does inexpensive mean? Mexico Radio would probably fit that bill and they can definitely accomodate large parties.

      1. mole on allen and houston. they have great, strong, fresh margaritas and great prices. and they would really play up your birthday. it is not a large place, but they have one table in the back that would accommodate you all. always has a nice crowd, and the food is good.

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            La Palapa (either location) is good. There are plenty of things to share and they have really fantastic margaritas using fresh juices. The East Village location has a back garden area for warmer evening.