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Mar 30, 2009 05:09 PM

Where can I get really good mushroom ravioli?

As a point of reference, I really miss the Mushroom Ravioli from Bistro 110 in Chicago. The kind that I constantly crave is one that is smothered in creamy brown mushroom sauce. Their menu description is "wild mushroom-filled ravioli in a sauce full of morel mushrooms and port wine." The sauce comes out brown and I am sure that it is filled with butter, sage, and lamb stock. I can't explain why I crave this, but it's just so rich and delicious!

The only mushroom ravioli in Manhattan that's come close is the one at Il Mulino, but it's not as thick most likely because they don't have the stock.

I would like to find something that doesn't require a reservation, homemade. Any casual bistro or old school Italian suggestions? Most restaurants have mushroom ravioli in tomato sauce or something else, but it's the sauce that I crave most!

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  1. They didn't list lamb stock in the menu description? Are you sure? That's pretty deceiving for a vegetarian because all(or most) restaurants in NY make it with a sauce free from any animal products.

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      Yes I was actually really surprised by this because it's not generally the case in Chicago either. The good thing is that while I ate there often and was never told about it, my waiter informed me the night I took a vegetarian friend. That's how I found out it was so thick. I was a bit ashamed for recommending it, however, since he could no longer have it.

    2. Veal and Spinach Ravioli in a mushroom sauce at BiCE is incredible.

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        is "BiCE" the whole name of a restaurant? I've never heard of it. What else do you like there?

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          This may not be what your looking for ,,,but the wild mushroom ravioli at Indochine is really good. Of course its Asian not italian, but very good

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            I should have clarified. Anything with mushroom in it with mushroom sauce is something I must try!

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              Since we seem to be changing the parameters, the mushroom lasagna on the tavern room (gramercy tavern) menu is fantastic. Not too 'saucy' but still very good.

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            Bice is a midtown Italian restaurant favored by expense account types. The food is mediocre and very expensive for what you get.

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              7 E 54th St, New York, NY 10022

          3. ONE on Little West 12th street has really delicious mushroom ravioli! It's has great mushroom flavor and hope you get to try it at some point. This place turns into a busy lounge in the evenings so unfortunately, this is a place that may require reservations.

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              In Vino on E. 4th St has a pretty good Porcini Ravioli in a truffle cream sauce.

            2. Daniel rotates their ravioli, usually seasonally, but sometimes offers a form of mushroom ravioli. It's delightful.