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Mar 30, 2009 04:44 PM

Take Out Carne Adovada and Tamales in Santa Fe or Albuquerque

This is a strange request...I will be bringing Easter dinner to my family in SoCal and as I will be in NM the a day before , I thought it might be nice to take some of my favorite dishes home with me (I have lots of coolers and ice chests) Who in Albuquerque or Santa Fe would be able to provide carne adovada and tamales for 10 and then package it for travel? Do you think that someplace such as Mary and Titos (my personal fav) would be able to do this or maybe Sadies...or does someone have another recommendation. Any help would be greatly appreciated before I get on the phone "blind"!

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  1. I can't imagine that Mary & Tito's is equipped to package it for that kind of travel (though you could call and see - I might be wrong) - you could get a "to go" order and package it yourself. Also, don't forget El Modelo south on 4th Street for tamales.

    Don't know why you'd want to trouble yourself bringing tamales to SoCal - they're not traditional New Mexican food (per the 96-yr-old abuelita of my wife, who remembers the first tamales in Española being made by a Mexican immigrant there in the '30s). Surely you could get them in SoCal . . . ?

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      Yes, I can get wonderful tamales in is a time issue...I will be in NM until late Friday night and will not get into SoCal until late Saturday I will not have a chance to pick any up in East Los Angeles! As always, never enough time!

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        El Modelo is at 1715 2nd St SW, Albuquerque NOT 4th street. I think El Modelo has the best Carne Adovada that can be bought in large quantities. Tamales were in NM before the 30's per mi abuelita's.

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          You're exactly right - I don't know where my brain was when I typed 4th Street. :-D

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            Tamales have been in New Mexico since before the Spanish. The Pueblos have been making them with blue corn for centuries.

        2. Hey There,
          In Santa Fe I would go to El Parasol on Cerrillos. They do catering so I'm sure they could pack some up for you. I'm not certain they have abovada, but it's worth a shot.
          My favorite place in Santa Fe for tamales is Johnny's Cash Store. It's back in the neighborhood behind Canyon Road. They make them homemade and sell them in a little warmer on the counter. They only make a few dozen a day, and when they are out, that's it. If you call ahead a few days they may be able to make a few extra for you. Going to this place is like stepping back in time. I love going there.
          Take care and have a good trip!

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            Great idea...but alas, no is only served as a special at El Parasol...I think I will be successful at La Choza...I hope!! You are correct about the tamales...and they do sell out quickly!

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              The Shed has wonderful carne adovada, I'm pretty sure they do catering and mail order so they should be able to help you. I'm not sure about tamales though. I've never looked for them on their menu.

          2. Just a FYI...I was at Mary and Tito's yesterday...and they do pack their carne adovada and their red and green chile for a matter of fact, they will freeze the carne adovada for me and place it in a cooler with ice!!! These are nice people...Mary and her daughter Antoinette were so helpful and willing to go out of their way for you! This and probably having the best carne adovada and red chile in the state...what a combination!

            BTW, Antoinette makes one of the best Mexican Wedding Cakes I have ever eaten...and she is baking one for me for Easter packed for travel with extra icing on the side!! Yum!!!

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                Hi - I just read the above, wish I had read earlier as I would have sent you straight to Mary and Tito's! I hope it all worked out and you brought everything safe back to SoCal. As it happens, I am in ABQ this weekend (also Taos and Santa Fe) and will be doing the pack-the-cooler thing along the trip - and Mary and Tito's adovada will be one of the definite cooler jems - along with lots of other goodies. Any recommendations? My other must have - puffy tortillas (easily bought at Santa Fe Whole Foods - near impossible to find in L.A.!) and cheap frozen quail from a little market in ABQ, can't recall the name at moment. Any other food suggestions in Taos/SF/ABQ would be welcome!

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                  RUN, don't walk to Frontier on Central to get your puffy, fresh, made while you stand there, tortillas. With the best in the world right there, why would you buy from Whole Foods?? Under $3 for a dozen and they are so light and tasty.


                  1. re: DebitNM

                    Hi and thank you! I have never ventured to Frontier, though I know of it's reputation! (My green chile burger fix is generally satisfied at Bobcat in SF!). I will as you suggest - any other suggestions from anybody? :-)

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                    Since Pigeage brought it is the Easter report...

                    Mary and Titos packed up frozen carne adovada, both red and green chile, beans and a magnificant Mexican wedding cake. Needless to say, it was a hit in So Cal along with the Sadies Salsa (the best jarred salsa ever made) and the baked ham and mac and cheese I made the morning of! Almost all of those attending are planning trips to NM for the kidding!!

                    I agree about Bobcat Bites, it the best!...we went twice in four days (not as good as three times last year)...The tortillas from Frontier get dry very fast...they don't travel...but are really good at Frontier with their green chile! I like Duran's tortillas better and I picked up a couple of dozen and they were excellent two days later on Easter!

                    I did find out that La Choza is accustomed to people freezing their food to take home...and is quite good...that being said, Mary and Titos was cheaper, better and then there is Mary and her daughter, Antoinette...they are priceless! Mary and Titos is one of those special places...a place you crave to go to after a tough day...I can taste the red chile as I type this!!

                    I am fortunate that my works takes me all over the world on a regular basis...Europe, S.E. Asia, even Africa...and I am exposed to some of the "best things on earth"...I put Mary and Tito's carne adovada and Bobcat Bites green chile cheeseburger on that list! NM residents are so lucky to have these places (and many more!)

              2. Hey all - this is really a post for everyone reading this board looking to cart food home (like TravelPath) rather than for you locals - so I am back in L.A. today from a whirlwind ABQ - Santa Fe - Taos - trip and managed to load the cooler with goodies and thought I'd share that Keller's Market (the place that, according to Gil, the ABQ blogger of swell repute, supplies Mary and Titos with their meats) sells carne adovado ready to cook, along with FANTASTIC fresh Sabroso flour tortillas and many other cooler-keepers including: a variety of tamales, frozen green chile, elk, rabbit, buffalo, quail, beef cheeks, great housemade stocks and gravies. Will post a trip report for anyone interested in the dining I was doing. Now to get cooking before we eat all these tortillas right out of the bag . . . I know that living here in L.A. and bringing tortillas home is like shipping coal to Newcastle . . . but DANG these are REALLY good! :-)

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                1. re: Pigeage

                  Hey, no fair!...I don't get to go back to NM until late September...Groan!...But, I do have a couple of quarts of M&T's carne adovada left...and a great recipe for the same(made it four times) I got from Rancho de Chimayo...which, I heard had a fire...were they heavily damaged and are they still open?

                  ...and yes, I am interested in a trip report...when you get a chance!

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                    Rancho de Chimayo's fire was in July 2008, they have been closed since and are rebuilding. Latest reopen date is the end of July 2009.