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Mar 30, 2009 04:43 PM

Woodland eats? Mexican or otherwise ...

years ago I remember being taken to a great mexican restaurant in Woodland ........ can't remember the name - any help on your favorite? looked online and came up with Vince's or Guadalajara? Not mexican but also saw a mention of Pupuseria la chicana. TIA

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    I guess this isn't Mexican, but it was suggested in a thread last week. You might check it out.

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      Sorry, Gordon, I can't seem to get rid of the above post. The url doesn't work for some reason.

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        Gail, that's OK - I came across Tazzina Bistro in my research already.- thanks for mentioning it.

    2. Okay.. we have TONS of Mexican restaurants in town. I have lived here for 3 years and have barely scratched the surface...
      Vince's is a family-owned restaurant (sit-down, as opposed to a taqueria) with good food. I especially like their Carne Asada.
      Guadalarja is very popular- there are also 2 in Davis. Not my favorite, and I think it is a little expensive for what you get, but many people swear by it.
      I LOVE pupuseria la chicana. It is not quick, so plan for a bit of a wait for food. It is in an old Taco Bell Building (you'll know it by the shape). Enjoy the chips with beans while you wait. I like the pupusas and the rolled tacos (not super authentic, but really tasty :) )
      I also really like El Patio (drive thru with some patio seating) .I grew up in San Diego, so my personal preference tends towards "San Diego" style... burritos without beans or rice. Favorite there is the carnitas torta.

      For non-Mexican, Tazzina Bistro is the hands-down favorite.

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        woodland kate: any updates on good Mexican food in woodland? I live in Davis but I'm near there and often drive in. Such a huge Latino population, there must be great spots. Thanks for posting these. I'm not a big fan of Guadalajara either


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          Honestly I haven't ventured out much to anywhere new lately. Love the pupuseria for both Mexican food and the pupusas. The taco truck right at 113 and Main is worth trying- I;ve only been there once, but it was really tasty.
          I'll try to venture out soon so I have something new to report :)