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Mar 30, 2009 04:33 PM

weber chimney starter?

Does anyone know where I can buy this in T.O. without having to drive out of the city? I've been happy with my coffee can for years, but I've heard this toy is tops for charcoal lovers. Thanks.

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  1. I got mine at Ontario Gas BBQ, which is in Concord. I would think Sobies, in WIllowdale has it. Or maybe home hardware. I checked Canadian Tire and Home Depot websites, nada.

    1. Have seen them in Rona and Lowe's this season. Generic chimneys are OK, too.

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      1. re: Kagemusha

        Generics are OK, I used one but it rusted out in four or five years. I got the Weber last year and its performance (i.e. capacity, and speed) was noticeably better. More rust proof and better build all around. No rust after one full year on the job.

      2. You can get the Weber chimney starter at Home Hardware on Roncesvalles.

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        1. re: A flock of seagulls

          Yup. I just called and they're in stock. Thanks for the help. It's grillin' time!

        2. If you're looking for an efficient starter for a charcoal barbeque, you could consider an electric starter. It's a heating element with a plug that sits in the charcoal until the coals are ready, then take it out, unplug it and let it cool. The advantage is you completely avoid any chemical influence, whether from starter or paper.

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          1. re: Snarf

            Home Hardware on Bayview south of Eglinton sells Weber accessories. I too,used to use an electric starter but the chimney is easy, quick and all weather (starters are not good in the rain and I hated the need for an extension cord).

          2. I have had many weber starters. I have given all away now.

            The best thing I have found is a brush burner connected to a 5 gallon propane tank. I get them at Harbor Freight, Home Depot has them also. Charcoal gets going in 2-3 minutes, I also use it to clean off the grill.

            Fast, 250,000 BTU's of roaring flame that will cremate anything in minutes.

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            1. re: duck833

              Brush burners rock, I have used one for about 5 years and there is nothing that will start a charcoal BBQ faster in my opinion. It can be a bit messy though from the air flow it puts out.

              Chimneys are the next best option - they do the best job at getting the charcoal lit quickly and evenly - the Weber one is solid as well as the one put out by grill pro which are available at most home hardware (if not they can order one in for you) or home depot stores. Ontario Gas BBQ would be my first choice though as it is a wicked store to visit and they know what they are talking about.

              Do not buy ready light charcoal

              1. re: BusterRhino

                Ready light charcoal is not charcoal. Highly noxious narsty stuff. We could digress here.....