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Mar 30, 2009 04:01 PM

can i make matzo balls ahead?

like in the morning, for an early evening seder? if yes, how do i store them?

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  1. When I make the matzo balls I beat the egg furiously before adding the other ingredients. It might just be in my head, but I've always believed that the foam translates into lighter matzo balls. I'd hazard a guess that over the course of an afternoon the balls might "deflate" and become "sinkers" rather than "floaters." It'd be worth a test batch to see if matzo balls can stay (covered?) in the fridge so there's one less thing to worry about later...

    1. you can prepare them 1-2 days ahead & keep refrigerated,* uncooked,* until you're ready to cook them in the soup that day.

      1. When I visit my mom I make a huge pot of chicken soup and lots of matzo balls. I freeze the balls two to a baggie so she can take them out when she wants them. She tells me that she just leaves them at room temperature for an hour or so then warms them up in the soup and that they're just terrific.

        1. Most traditional Jewish foods can be made ahead, since observant Jews do not cook on the Sabbath, when the best food is usually served.

          Matzah balls survive nicely when cooked a day or so ahead of time. Put them in a plastic container and keep them in the fridge; I've never noticed any change in buoyancy.

          1. I make ahead and freeze and put in cold soup and let warm up. never had a problem. They dehydrate a little when you freeze but plump up nicely when warming up.