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Mar 30, 2009 03:54 PM


Suggestions for eat/drinks? Also, heading to Great Smoky Mts/Knoxville

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  1. If you want a great hamburger in Knoxville, try Litton's Market and Resturant just north of I640 on Essary. I was using GPS and don't recall the exit #. They use fresh ground beef and make their own buns as well. I was going to order the fries because they appeared to be fresh cut but the server said the onion rings were to die for. They actually were outstanding! They don't offer half and half, or I would have tried both. I tried it a week ago after reading about it in another Hound's post. There's a rib place in Chattanooga, Sugar's, I believe, that I've heard is good. It's just off I-24, sits up on a hill. Just haven't as yet stopped to try, but it's on the hit list!

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    1. Chattanooga....212 Market (that is the name of the restaurant) Back Inn Cafe.... good.

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      1. Memo's Chopped Weiners on MLK (The chopped weiner plates are off the chain!), SunSet BBQ, Aretha Frankenstein's on Tremont, Famous Dave's BBQ (my favorite),Armando's on East Main Street (excellent hambugers)