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Mar 30, 2009 03:22 PM

J Gilbert's or Bistro Bistro in Shirlington for a Sunday Brunch private party?

I'm planning a party for 20-30 people for Sunday brunch. Some of my guests have food restrictions, so I thought that going to a place that has a buffet may give us some good variety.

Regarding Bistro Bistro, I've heard good things. They said they could section off an area for us. Will this plan work? I heard it gets crowded and it's hard to walk past everyone sometimes.

Regarding J Gilbert's, we could use their party room. I heard that it can be smoky sometimes. Also, it may be darker than I would prefer for a daytime party.

I would actually prefer something closer to Bethesda, but I didn't see any brunch buffets in my price range (under $25.) Thanks for your suggestions!

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