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Mar 30, 2009 03:15 PM

anywhere between Florida to Virginia close to 95

Hello I am driving from Miami to NYC and am looking for decent/interesting places to eat on the way up, i went to school in Baltimore so have there to ny covered so am looking for suggestions between the Florida Border and DC-Thanks in advance -T

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  1. This question (or a variation of it) gets asked a lot. You might want to start by doing a search; you'll find lots of suggestions.

    1. i like moore's bbq in kenley (i'm pretty sure) NC. you'll definitely find it in a search. RIGHT off the highway. there are places in richmond too (where I live but a bit higher end). love comfort and lulu's and like edo's squid (it's fabulously well loved though so i'd still recommend it - it may have just been me) and they're all close off the 95.

      1. I'm not sure what you're looking for exactly (most often, it's extremely helpful to tell us your eating preferences), but I can't count how many times I've been driving from FL to NC I-40 and I'll tell you where I stop. I usually pick one of the following options:

        1. If I have time, I head to Savannah. It's a foodie city deluxe. If I need some stick to my ribs fare and have an incredible need for comfort good, I head to the Lady and Sons. I know it's Paula Deen's restaurant, and you may or may not like her, but her food is good and will take you all the way to Baltimore, I swear. If I'm not that hungry, I head to Vinnie Van Go-Go's pizzeria. It's a pizza joint, but a very good one, and you can build your own slice of pizza. Plus, when you're done eating there, there's a quick little walking area in which to stretch your legs and pick up a praline for dessert, if you so desire. Also, I've eaten at a lot of restaurants on the Riverwalk, and all were tasty, so that is a good area to head to as well.

        2. If I don't have time for Savannah, or it's just not time for lunch yet. I try to hold out for some McCabe's in Manning, SC. It is just off of I-95. The owner cooks whole hogs over wood and dashes it with a vinegar and red pepper sauce. Call first to be sure they are open and BRING CASH - they do not take credit cards and the ATM isn't exactly convenient. This might sound a little fussy, but it's worth it - really, it's some of the best BBQ I've ever had and one of the last old-timey BBQ places - it's really a rare treat.

        McCabe's BBQ
        480 N.Brooks St.

        3. If neither of those options work, I go for the BBQ chains. In SC, any of the Maurice's BBQ is a fine example (though not the best) of SC mustard-based sauces, slightly acidic, yet creamy and mustardy. In NC, there is a Smithfields Chicken and BBQ near the intersection of I-40 and I-95. I recommend their peppery fried chicken or the brunswick stew, which are quite tasty - the BBQ isn't bad, but it is sort of middle of the road.

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          A quick update on McCabe's hours. Like all REAL BBQ joints in SC they are only open Thur. lunch--Sat. Lunch. They recently changed their hours and are no longer open on Thurs. for dinner. Also they close on Fridays between 7:00 and 7:30 so if you want fried chicken get their early.
          Truth be told, the cooks/owners are not a bunch of spring chickens and I don't know how wiling the next gen. is to take it on so eat there now because its days may be numbered at least in its current form.

        2. thanks to all -when the dust settled and i finally found it I went to McCabes -its a small place so pay attention-its about a mile(if that) off of 95 if you take the correct exit(i didnt, i will look it up and get back to you its a small house with a sign out front on it-i passed it 3 times before realizing it -well worth the detour-T

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          1. re: tgreene73

            Here's the definitive directions to McCabe's.

            Exit 122.
            Right off of the exit ramp onto Hwy 521 (applies to both North and South bound exits)
            Follow 521 into town of Manning
            McCabe's will be the 4th or 5th business on the left
            It's a concrete block building with a small sign out front.
            If you get to the Chevy dealership you've gone a little bit too far.
            If you happen to go on a day when it's closed Burger Chick a couple of doors up has some pretty good fried chicken and the name would imply.

            1. re: tgreene73

              I empathize with you completely. We totally blew past the place TWICE before we drove further into town and had to ask a nice man at a corner gas station to give us directions.