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Mar 30, 2009 02:00 PM

Cornichons por favor!


looking for the supplier name of the cornichons that are being served at Lemeac and l'Express.

When I asked they wouldnt spill th beans:) but told me they were imported from India.

If no one can help me, I would like to know if its possible to buy in "bulk" the De Maille least in larget jars than 500ml...

please help!

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  1. The answer is yes ! ID Foods the importer of Maille Products sells the large restaurant size at his Company Store next to his offices in Laval.Worth the trip he imports lots of great stuff ( Lu Cookies,Hodgson Oats & Flours,ect ect) Closer to home La Maison du Roti at 1969 Mt Royal Est sell there homemade cornichons by the pound.

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      verrrry good to know!!!n thank you very much

      one thing though- the Laval importer, is it the same pickles as Lemeac's or L'Express'?

    2. The importer has Maille Pickles from France.

      1. l'Express sells large jars of cornichons like they have in the restaurant for around $15.