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Mar 30, 2009 01:19 PM

Rosslyn - anyone deliver?

Just moved to Rosslyn -- does anyone have any recommendations for places that deliver...besides Dominos? Many thanks!

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  1. A good many of the delivery places in Arlington use or takeout taxi, most don't do their own delivery.

    1. Plenty of good places deliver through Dr. Delivery, Takeout Taxi or Express Entree. It'll cost you about $5 delivery fee + tip.

      Cafe Asia does its own delivery, as does Sawatdee, and Listrani's (the latter two are in Courthouse but will certainly deliver to Rosslyn).

      For pizza, try Piola instead of Domino's. They probably don't deliver, but you could walk over and pick it up.

      1. Thai Square delivers to Rosslyn, and is some of the finest Thai in the DC metro. So does Bangkok 54. BTW according to yelp piola delivers, though I have never actually had it delivered.

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          If Thai Square and Bangkok 54 deliver to Rosslyn, you're set. Just allow an hour for the delivery as they're both very busy.

          1. re: chaofun

            thai square delivers all the way to rosslyn? wow! you are set, lori lou!

            their som tum is delicious!

            chaofun, would they deliver to n. arlington near chain bridge to your knowledge?

            1. re: alkapal

              That I don't know.... Since I do live in Rosslyn, I rolled the dice and gave them a call and asked. Can't hurt to ask!

              1. re: chaofun

                right, thanks, chaofun. maybe i haven't bothered to ask them directly because -- in the back of my mind -- i don't *want* thai square kee mao or som tum in those little take-out containers, but right out of the kitchen, with lots of hot chilies in vinegar on the noodles. and the ability to slurp up the som tum dressing like a darned-fool idiot!

                1. re: alkapal

                  You're right. It's never as good when it's delivered 1 hour after preparation. But sometimes you just can't make it out...

          2. Try
            they delivery for over 70 restaurant. Lot cheaper that dr delivery or take out taxi