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Mar 30, 2009 01:06 PM

Your Favourite Recession Specials

Seeing as every day there seems to be a new deal designed to draw diners in, I'm interested in hearing everyone's take on their experiences so far.

No limit to how cheap it is. No particular neighboorhoods. Just your favorite specials, new, old or other wise.

Feel free to share the places that you wished had a special too... I have plenty of those.

Am thinking of hitting Smith's tonight to give that chicken a go. Will report back if so.

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    1. matsugen's $35 special has turned me into a huge fan of the restaurant...i've been there 3x in 2 months.

      that said, with a bottle of white and an extra sushi item or two, dinner costs $150 for 2.

      1. Petrossian has kept a $35 3-course since winter restaurant week ($12 supplement for caviar appetizer, wich two of us shared, as well as the smoked salmon). I was very pleased with my dinner there. The striped bass was perfect, with crisp skin, served on a fennel & bosc pear salad with sugar snap peas, a vinaigrette and basil oil and my friend loved his duck breast.


        1. For me, a “recession special” is a good restaurant that allows BYOB at minimal or free corkage. In most circumstances, our bills would easily more than double due to our drinks. And that’s when we don’t even get to order the wines that we would really like to drink due to very high mark-ups.

          Here are a few where we recently had some good food, with the added BYO-friendly policy (some has relaxed BYOB on certain days only)

          Tribeca Grill
          Cippolla Rossa
          La Sirene

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          1. re: RCC

            Have been to Tribeca Grill, Allegretti's and La Sirene. Would not recommend any except La sirene, which I would recommend wholeheartedly as a very good value for the price. Can't say the same of Allegretti, where the main course flavors didn't match, and for the same price we ate lunch at Jean George's.

            1. re: windycity

              What did you have at Tribeca Grill that made you refute it as a good value? In the same vein, what dishes did your order at La Sirene that's not in the same ballpark pricing as Tribeca Grill?