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Mar 30, 2009 12:56 PM

Bonterras & Anthony Jacks - Southington, CT

There are a few restaurants that are offering some great deals in this economy and one of them is Bonterra's in Southington. At the recommendation of a friend, we went last week for my daughter's birthday. They have a deal during the week of 2 entrees (from a special menu) and a bottle of wine for $32.95. I had parmesan-crusted tilapia and it came with delicious salad. My husband had the twin porkchops over roasted peppers. Both dishes were delicious. It's an incredible deal. They offer this Mon, Wed & Thurs (closed Tues).

Their sister-restaurant is Anthony Jack's. right around the corner from Bonterra. I've been several times and I think it's a great place - nice atmosphere, good food, reasonable prices. I think I've posted here before about this place, but they are also offering a great deal during the week. They say that they are offering dinners for $10, including a salad, Mon, Wed & Thurs (closed Tues.) I haven't tried this deal yet, but plan to in the next few weeks. I'll let you know.

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  1. From the website:

    $32.95 Mid Week Madness $32.95

    Dinner for Two including Bottle of Wine (or beer)

    Dinner includes a garden salad and your of choice of two

    of the following entrees:

    *Chicken Sorrentino-chicken breast/roasted eggplant/tomatoes/marsala /shallot mashed

    *Chicken Piccata-chicken breast/capers/garlic/lemon white wine butter/roasted vegetables/shallot mashed

    *Chicken Parmigiana-parmesan crusted chicken breast/marinara/provolone/penne

    *Pork Chops Pizzaiola-grilled pork chops/onions/roasted peppers/mushrooms/red wine marinara/provolone/penne

    *Shrimp Primavera-angel hair/shrimp/zucchini/yellow squash/plum tomatoes/spinach/white wine basil broth

    *Penne Ala Vodka-plum tomatoes/basil/vodka cream sauce

    *Linguine Puttanesca-linguine/calamata olives/capers/anchovies/marinara sauce

    *Pan Fried Tilapia-calamata and green olives/plum tomatoes/capers/tomato shrimp broth/shallot mashed

    Reservations are strongly recommended

    1. On our way home from our VT roadtrip last night we weren't hungry in VT because we ate all day everywhere we stopped! My partner suggested we stop in Southington and try Bonterra Italian Bistro as he had been there a few weeks prior and enjoyed it. As I post my review now I am enjoying the leftovers of last night. I had the papradella with house made wide noodles, braised beef short ribsand garlicky spinach herbed ricotta. It was very good. He had the campanelle with mixed mushrooms prociutto baby peaswith a garlic parmesan cream sauce. My fork was in his dish several times. I couldn't decide which dish I enjoyed better. We did not get an appetizer or dessert because we weren't really that hungry. The place was beautiful. The only odd thing is that there is a elevator in the mens room. Don't know who uses it, could be a service elevator but it's kinda freaky. we will definitely be going back here in the future.

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        Sorry! I just like to imagine that the elevator goes to the mancave in the cellar, aka "the back room" for those who are "connected." You know, like back in the day in the true authentic I-talian restaurants. . . :-)