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Anyone tried Daddy Mimms' Creole in Phoenixville?

Has anyone tried this restaurant yet? I was hoping to find a menu online, find out if it's good, and if it has any veggie entree items.

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  1. The Inquirer posted the menu here:


    I haven't seen any reviews.

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      Previous experience with Chef Mims food says forget about about a veggie option.

    2. Went to Daddy Mims last night. it was a horrific experience. My wife had the short ribs. It was like they finished the sauce with a huge bottle of soy sauce or just a giant scoop of salt. It looked great and the meat was tender, but so salty it was completely uneatable. I couldn't even bring the leftovers for the dog. I had jumbalaya that more closly resembled rice-a-roni. The duck was so dryed out. In fact the whole mess was really dry and some clown went to town with ceyanne in an effort to "kick it up a notch". My ceaser was fine to start, but we ended it after the entre's and beat feet for home.

      1. My husband and I went on 3/21 for dinner and both enjoyed our meals. My Shrimp with Boursin Grits was particularly tasty, and enjoyable the next day as well. He enjoyed his fish. We'd go back!

        1. Hey everyone...don't forget that you all hit up a place that just opened days earlier. It can some time until everything is fine-tuned in any restaurant (new or newly reopened) - ovens calibrated, temps. properly set, supplies gathered, etc. My motto is always wait two weeks until the kinks are ironed out.
          I plan to trot on over to Daddy Mimm's tomorrow night. I'll post my findings.

          1. I rarely post to these boards but I noticed Piko's comments and wanted to weigh in. We visited the restaurant last week and can't wait to return tonight. I had the jambalaya and thought it was terrific; the duck was absoultely perfect. My wife had the tasting menu and also found it perfectly enjoyable. Can't speak about the short ribs, but that would probably be the last thing I'd order in a cajun restaurant anyway. Now it may be possible that the kitchen is a bit overambitious and should stick to its cajun roots, but I would be surprised if they erred as badly as Piko suggests. Will post again after tonight's visit.

            1. After second visit, opinion is the same; everything was great! Will return.

              1. Had a nice experience this weekend- and am glad after being a fan of Narberth, but disliking Bryn Mawr (and finding out that John was not present when I was there).
                The crab bisque was as good as I remember from the past. The soft shell crab topped with shrimp & crabmeat (special) was very plump & good. My husband had the grouper over jambalaya which he really enjoyed. The prices IMO are very reasonable. Looking forward to trying the pizza next door.

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                  WOW - I guess I had the only bad meal there then. when I consider the quality of the food, MAYBE it could be better on another night. that said, there's no way it is as great as some of you make it out to be. Let's face it, it will never be reviewed by Laban or the like b/c it simply is not that interesting (not unlike neighbors Black Lab and marly's).
                  As to ericinpville - Cajun food includes many braised dishes (especially considering its French roots). It is a weak statement that we ordered the wrong dish. In your glowing review (terrific, perfect, great, etc.), your argument lacks any details or specifics on what made the experience good. I have complemented many places on this board, so I had no aganda to bash Mims - our food that night really was awful for the reason that I detailed. But hey - that's me. Please post if anyone has the Pizza

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                    Actually I think there is a high probability it could be reviewed as Laban spent considerable time in New Orleans. At the very least, I would expect there to be discussion of it compared to other places such as Cajun Kate's that has gotten a virtual cult following fueled by LaBan raving about it.

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                      I agree, LaBan has reviewed many, if not most, of Mimms' earlier restaurants so my guess is that he'll do this incarnation as well.

                      And we always found that you should go on the days when John is in the kitchen doing the cooking. Even so, on very rare occasions, it could run to being too salty. I just wish he'd stayed with the Narberth location!

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                      We tried the pizza last week and would probably order it again. Had the garlic/pesto pizza and it was quite tasty, tho a bit heavy on the pesto, and a refreshing change from the numerous and unremarkable pizzas in Pville. Looks like there's a lunch special for smaller pizzas at 1/2 the price of the usual ones, a good way to try some different types. I did have issues with the ambiance- lighting too bright, blaring radio- these definitely brought it down a notch or two for eating in, but we enjoyed our food (and our growler from next door at Iron Hill, as the place is a BYOB)

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                        My husband, two small children and myself had dinner at the pizza place last night (Sunday). We were the only ones eating inside but there were two other couples at the outside tables. The decor is fine, if sparse. They had a few pictures on the walls of what I think must've been aerial shots of Hurricane Katrina. I think that would be cool if they played that up a bit...it's been almost 4 years and it's nice to pay homage to such a spectacularly f'd up historical event while eating Creole food.

                        Now I'm not a Creole connoisseur by any stretch and have a digestion-imposed prohibition on fiery-foods but I do enjoy pizza, especially tasty, well-cooked pizza.

                        We ordered two pizzas. One with roast pork, peppers, pesto and mozzarella. The second pizza was the meat one (can't remember the name) and that had smoked bacon and andouille. It was supposed to have a "Creole sauce" or something like that but we opted to substitute regular red sauce. The waitress said they were on the smallish side and each pizza would feed about two people. Our kids are 5 and 1 and the 5 year old has the propensity to inhale pizza, especially when she's hungry (and she was) and at 8 and 9 dollars respectively we thought we should order two. The pies came out looking fantastic and were super yummy. Crust cooked well-done which is a gigantic plus. We hate it when pizza places undercook crust. My only complaint was that they could've let the cheese melt a bit more. The center of the meat pizza had some undercooked mozzarella.

                        We didn't have a radio blaring or bright lights (it was still light outside) but there is a large TV that had on that annoying Charlie Sheen sit-com.

                        We'd go again for sure but probably do take-out. Great prices and tasty alterna-pizza.

                  2. We went to the pizza shop on Saturday , was really exctied to order a pizza with duck confit and crawfish.......flavor was kind of blah , where they really need help is on customer service , we were the only table and it was slow getting water and refills , 2 different customers walked in wanting personal pizza and were turned down becasue they could not bend the policy of stopping those at 2 pm and not offering again until after 11 pm , let me repeat we were the only table , not sure of the logic of letting customers leave instead of accomodating them as again we were the only table in the place ........I did like the dough and may someday return , not to sure about spending the higher prices next door if the experience may be anything like this one

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                      I picked up a white crab pizza from the pizza shop side, along with a salad and was quite disappointed with both. The small, "large" pie was actually maybe 11" in diameter and was thick and doughy. While it had a decent amount of crab, it wasn't cleaned very well, because I crunched on crab shell in every other bite it seemed, yuck.

                      The $7 "Wedge Salad" was the biggest disappointment. It consisted of a smallish wedge of iceberg, (with the core left in!), a couple slices of tomato, a few crumbles of blue cheese, a tiny amount of bacon bits and french fried onions (like the kind in the can you put on green bean casserole) and a thin, boring blue cheese dressing. Won't be ordering from there again if that's how it's going to be.

                    2. daddy mimms is really great. they have a 3 course tasting menu which was really well executed when i was there. everything was well seasoned and perfectly cooked. they definitely use salt liberally, but i like well seasoned food, so it is fine for me. service could be better. it seems to be staffed by teenagers who are not very professional. enjoyed his restaurant in havertown and narberth; never went to the bryn mawr location. hope daddy mimms sticks around phoenixville. there is a definite lack of restaurants in the down town!