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Mar 30, 2009 12:35 PM

Sushi in Seattle?

Visiting Seattle for the first time with some friends of various "foodie-ness" levels. As such, I was hoping for quality recommendations at various price points. If there are any NYC people out here, I'm looking for a Yasuda type traditional sushi splurge and a Yama type casual.... Can probably stay away from places known for omakase, as I think some of the group are a little fickle with their palates.

Any other suggestions for Japanese (noodles, etc) also welcome.


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  1. I really like Shiro's and Chiso for sushi splurge. Nishino is also well regarded, but I've not yet been and am itching to go. For noodles, I would go ahead and use the rameniac guide. Scroll down for the Seattle section. For what it's worth, I quite like Samurai Noodle.

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      good suggestions, if i could only pick one it would probably be Nishino (they also have inaniwa udon btw). ditto on Samurai for ramen. Probably not as wide a selection as Yasuda, nor as giant pieces as Yama, but still good. Kushibar has decent gindara (black cod kasuzuke) and chahan (fried rice) and other grilled items, plus a bar (but no sushi iirc). Take your friends to Sake-Nomi sake bar, for sake by the glass (and some free tastes) but no food to speak of.

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        Thanks for the tips! Looking forward to dining at one (or more)!

    2. I was just at Kisaku (by Greenlake, which is a nice place to take a walk on a sunny day) the other day and had a fantastic meal of sushi/sashimi and cooked items (chawanmushi, noodles, salad). Fresh fish, generous portions, and reasonable prices. And the chef is a darn nice guy.