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Mar 30, 2009 12:26 PM

Who's got whoopie pies?

After that article in the Times a couple of weeks back, I'm intrigued by the whoopie pie. I've seen them now and again at Quack's, but haven't ever tried one. Do any other bakeries in town carry them?

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  1. This discussion came up a while back:

    Unfortunately, the best advice seemed to be mail order whoopies from Wicked Whoopies in Maine. Wheatsville posted the NYTimes article link on their facebook page a while back, and had this to say: "Have you tried Wheatsville's Co-op Cream Pie? It fits into the whoopie pie mold and it's vegan! (Our oatmeal cream pie is also very delicious!)"

    So yeah, doesnt sound like they have genuine whoopies, but at least Austinites have them on the brain. If you ask me, someone in Austin's saturated cupcake market needs to give it up and start making pies, so we can finally get some decent pastry in this town.

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      Thanks, femmenikita. Perhaps I will break into Austin's untapped whoopie pie market once I finish this useless dissertation. And when I get the chance, I will do a little market research at Wheatsville and Quack's and report back here.

      1. re: femmenikita

        Sugar Mama's is supposed to start selling whoopie pies this week, on Tuesday. I believe I received that information from them in a tweet!

          1. re: hlk

            oooh! Thanks for the tip! I shall have to check them out! (I love Sugar Mamas!)

          1. Sadly, I've discovered that finding whoopie pies in Texas is like finding a needle in a haystack. I order them from One Girl Cookie in Brooklyn. But to me, the best whoopie pies you can have in Texas are ones you make yourself. Stonewall Kitchen carries really good mixes: pumpkin and chocolate. They are super easy to make and always taste perfect, exactly how a whoopie pie should. I've been to the home of Stonewall Kitchen in York, Maine. They have a huge store, cooking classes, and a cafe open to the public, anyways, their cafe's whoopie pies taste exactly like the mixes: delicious! So I suggest you make them yourself from the Stonewall Kitchen mixes from your grocery store, I get them at Central Market.

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              I made the Stonewall Kitchen pumpkin flavor whoopie pies (from mix) for my neighbor when she was under the weather. She is now addicted and can't stop talking about them. I've made the SK chocolate variety, too, and they're very good also.

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              1. Just got back from central market, found fresh whoopie pies in the bakery, $1.50 each. Gonna try it tonight after dinner. It looks like a giant oatmeal cream pie, but with devils food-looking cakey rounds in place of oatmeal cookies.

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                1. re: femmenikita

                  I've had the whoopie pies at Sugar Mama's and at Central Market (twice at each place). Last Sunday, the whoopie pies I got at the bakery at Central Market south were delicious--very gooey and moist. They were sold in a clamshell on a table across from the refrigerated bakery case. I believe I paid $1.99 though.

                  1. re: angusb

                    Whoppie pies are on sale this week at Central Market 2 for $3.

                    1. re: Helind

                      I just tried the Central Market version ($1.50 when I purchased it), and it was delicious! Moist cake with a nicely-flavored vanilla filling. I think I do like theirs a bit better than Sugar Mama's, though both are tasty (and big!).

                      1. re: hlk

                        I got 2 more at Central Market this weekend. One was very moist and tasty, while the other was dryish but still tasty. I think the trick is to look for the flattest ones, which seem to be more moist than the puffy looking ones.

                        I also noticed (but did not try) that Walton's Fancy and Staple, a new deli/bakery/florist on 6th St. has a sweet potato whoopie pie available. This version is very puffy and fat, with a mound shaped cookie/cake portion, so that the two halves sandwiched together end up about the same size and shape as a baseball. The shop is located near 6th and West Streets.