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Mar 30, 2009 11:54 AM

Mid-Cities Indian...finally

Finally found a real restaurant, that serves Indian food which is NOT part convenience store, so many of the other "Indian" restaurants are in the Mid-Cities area. This place just opened and I found it by doing a Google search. Here's the 411:

1725 Airport Freeway
Bedford, Tx
just down a bit from the HD Dealer (a major landmark).

I had the lunch buffet today. Nice spread, 17 items offered. All were good and pretty standard for Indian buffets I've sampled in the past couple of years. All were very tasty, and very fresh. (I can't name what I was eating, but I know it when I see it and I'll pretty much eat anything that isn't moving and won't eat me first!!!)

Service was good, but the place wasn't busy. A couple of the entrees were overly salted, but still tasted fine. I don't think I'm experienced over salting in the other Indian restaurants I've tried in the DFW area (Irving, Plano and North Dallas). Reasonably priced at $8.99.

If are into Indian, give this place a try. It was a hoot watching Indian music videos while eating...Bollywood Hip Hop was new to me...LOL.

Hurst, Tx
ever in search for that new, individual restaurant.

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  1. I am not recommending Masala Masala one way or the other, as I'm not a fan of Indian/mid-eastern foods - haven't been here and don't plan to. But as an FYI of it's existence, it is a relatively new (opened in Dec (?) last year) Pak/Indian restaurant on N. Main in Euless. There's always been quite a few cars in the parking lot whenever I've been by in the afternoon. Located about 1/2 mile N. of 183 on the west side of N. Main - for those familiar, it's where Cici's used to be.

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    1. re: CocoaNut

      I'm no expert in Indian food but having liked Pasand in Irving for several years, I think
      Masala Masala is as good. A very impressive buffet and the food seemed high quality.
      Spicy but not very hot - chile wise.

      1. re: Woofy

        I'm definitely looking forward to trying Masala Masala. I've been dying for a decent Indian/Pak restaurant close to home.

        1. re: QueenB

          I hope you enjoy it better than I did. This is the restaurant I wanted to like, considering that I am of South Asian descent and often enjoy eating at area Indo/Pak restaurants. Unfortunately, I found the food to be woefully lacking... in just about every way. While the naan was fantastic, many of the (limited) buffet items left much to be desired. The butter chicken was bland. One of the veggie items (okra, potatoes, and onions, I think) was pretty good, but the other veggie item was forgettable. I generally avoid beef, so I can't comment on the two items they had available. I don't plan to return anytime soon.

          One place I do recommend, though, is the little take-out joint at the NW corner of Fuller Wiser Rd and Harwood, barely 2 mi. from Masala Masala. I've been going to Taste of Pakistan (817-540-2555) since moving to the Mid Cities area in early 2005, and they haven't once disappointed. What they call the "boti grill" is a very flavorful mixture of chicken and kebabs. Goes very well with their rice/biryani and naan.

          1. re: tango7000

            I have been to several Masala Masala locations with mixed results. It would seem that it is soley dependent on the operator of the individual franchise (as is in most cases). It is a chain, it is fast food (not at fast food prices however) but the results are fairly decent. Especially for a quick in and out situation. I have been to the little place off Fuller Wiser many times. Boti rolls are king there. I am not a huge fan of the Paki tastes.

            I am more a fan of the maharashtrian cuisine, northern India cuisine and the British take on curries in the UK. I have yet to see a thali served anywhere Texas. That would make an awesome concept, and an assured success for a new restaurant in Dallas. Huge fan of papadum, chapati and patathas. yum.

            1. re: DallasDude

              There is a superb Indian restaurant in Lubbock called Maharaja that serves a thali. My wife orders it frequently and loves it. The chef is from Hyderabad, and consequently, the food is extremely hot and spicy, which has endeared me to the place for as long as we both shall live.

    2. The place in Euless was more of a convenience type store with a Pakistani menu, not Indian. (If I have the same place) This the kind of place I referenced as a convenience store...there is another similar place on Rufe Snow at Mid Cities (North Richland Hills). I might try it because it's Indian. I guess I need to also break done and try Paki food...and see how it's different from Indian food.

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      1. re: dlcole

        I think the "convenience store" place that you're talking about is at Harwood and Fuller-Wiser. Re-read the location I mentioned as this place is a sit-down resto.

      2. Ok, found Masala Masala and will give it a go. It got an entry in Pegasus, another DFW foodie blog. Thanks for the tip.

        1. Ok, finally made to Masala Masala in Euless, for the lunch buffet. Nice, clean, open setting, very friendly staff. The lunch buffet had 20+ items on it, nicely labled and they mentioned that nothing was extremely hot (except a green chili sauce that was labeled HOT and it was). I stuffed my face on most everything and found it very good. I'm no Indian expert, but I liked all of the flavors, with nothing being overly salted as I had found in the Bedford place. Great fresh bread - one was a Naan and the other, I don't remember what it was called. Both were very good. The buffet is reasonable - $7.99. The total bill was $10.15 with tax and iced tea. I definite keeper.

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          1. re: dlcole

            I was by the place a few weeks back while across the street at the BBQ joint. Looked more Paki to me, which I find to be closer to the cuisine stylings of Iran more than India. What was your take on this, and did you find it to be more similar to the tatstes you found at other traditional Indian restaraunts? Just curious, I will try it eventually regardless. I would love to find more use of parathas in these local restaurants.

            1. re: DallasDude

              Masala was probably a mixture of Paki & Indio tastes, with a leaning toward Indian. Since the two countries share a long common border, it stands to reason some commonality in the food...and my ignorance on the geographical bases of either cuisine compounds the problem...(meaning I wouldn't know a Northern Indian dish from a Southern one) I have had dishes from way far North India and a bit across the border in to Tibet...Tibetan food is kind of a Chinese food with a lot of yogurt. LOL.

          2. Went to Kusum Saturday evening. Still not busy but at least not empty. Shared four entrees, each of them excellent. Naan was also really good. The quality of ingredients is a notch above my long time favorite, Pasand, and the cooking is all to order so they warn you to allow some time. It's well worth it. The raita was too full of carrots, and the lassi a little thin, and they charge for things that Pasand puts out for free, but prices were extremely fair for what we got and overall I would say it's a tremendous find.

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            1. re: davidjpearlman

              I'm afraid that Kusum isn't long for business...the place was pretty much empty when I went in...thus, I don't see how they can make it, long term...what shame.