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Mar 30, 2009 11:23 AM

Lunch in South Beach

My wife and I will be in South Beach at the end of May. During our time there we will be celebrating her birthday. We were wondering where we can find a good weekday lunch/brunch near the beach....

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  1. Prime 112 or Joe's Stone Crab are great for lunch

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    1. re: Sobe4u

      Joe's doesn't do lunch after May 17.

      1. re: Frodnesor

        I thought they had lunch but they just switch to those lunch basket things and a different summer menu... I swear I went there last year in late May. They have baskets with burgers, lobster rolls, etc, or has that changed maybe...

        1. re: Sobe4u

          I think sometimes after they close for the season they've reopened in the summer sans stone crabs, but given the current economy I'm not sure they are doing so this season.

    2. Icebox on Michigan Ave just off Lincoln Mall is always a good bet. If you are looking for something a little more upscale and like Italian my wife and I had a great lunch at Quattro a couple of trips ago. If you are looking for down 'n dirty diner food I suggest The Big Pink at 2nd & Washington. BTW, I heartily second Joe's Stone Crab if it is open. Get the fried chicken.

      1. Books & Books is pretty good on lincoln. Macalusos for a meatball hero is always an option as is clarkes. P112 (I would do mac & cheese) is a great option as well

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          What is this "Clarke's" you speak of? I searched the boards and I see everyone is pretty ga-ga over their burgers but that's about all that gets mentioned. What else do they have to offer and where is it? Thanks.

          1. re: Rondo

            They have awesome fish and chips (better than their burgers) and their food is generally good. It is in south point on 1st

          2. I second the Books & Books recommendation on Lincoln Rd. The lobster/mango wrap is one thing Im currently addicted to. The turkey/brie/asian pear/mango chutney sandwich is also da bomb.

            I also like Spris for pizza/salads. Its my favorite pizza in Miami (I wont say the best because people here will pitch a fit but to me its the best haha) and the one with prosciutto, parmesan, and a fried egg is sinfully delicious. Ice Box Cafe also does a nice lunch and you will never leave that place without feeling full. Also in the Lincoln Rd area is the Dilido Beach Club which has some great dishes though you will pay the tax for eating at a hotel on South Beach (Stella beer is about $10, burger is $13 to give you an idea...). Good people watching though.

            The last reccos I will make for lunch is Pita Spice on Washington between 10th and 11th. Best falafel pita Ive ever had. Get it with everything, especially hots (which are TURBO hot so be warned). Also best burger in Miami is at Food Love Cafe on the beach sand around 19th-20th in a trailer w/ a yellow awning. Jalapeno burger is kickass and so is the bacon cheeseburger.

            1. If I were going to have a birthday-ish lunch near the beach, with good food and a nice vibe, I'd go to Nemo. While it's not right on the beach, it's close enough to walk over, and sitting outside under the big tree has a kind of south beach/california feeling.

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                Was just in South Beach this past weekend and had a nice late breakfast/early lunch at Icebox Cafe. It's very casual and laid back and may not be the best choice for an occasion, but for a nice everyday spot, it's great. Extremely friendly staff, home made food, great baked goods. We had the crabby eggs and they were fabulous. Some avocado salsa on top and a homemade biscuit. Really superb. Close to Lincoln Road for strolling afterward, but better than the touristy spots along that street. We also had brunch at Books & Books on LIncoln which was good, but kind of overpriced. Strawberry pancakes were terrific and the bookstore at the restaurant is worth an hour of your time, even if you don't eat there.

                1. re: onthelam

                  One more thought if you have a car. This might be an odd suggestion, but the last time we were in town, a few people recommended Carpaccio in the Bal Harbor Mall. First of all, I don't like malls very much and would never choose to eat in one if other options were available. There wasn't much around there and we were kind of in a rush, so we went. Well, this is no ordinary mall. Kind of like an oasis — just beautiful. And the restaurant was absolutely great. Fine service, very welcoming. Really pretty and superb food. I had carpaccio (I think it was yellowtail) which was tender and delicious. The breadsticks were memorable and the crowd was very elegant. Strange as it sounds, it would be a nice spot for a birthday.