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Mar 30, 2009 10:59 AM

Looking for Sushi grade fish near Boulder/Denver

I've been wanting to roll up some of my own sushi lately and also wanting not to make myself sick :) I'm living in Boulder and haven't had much luck finding a source for sushi grade fish. Sunflower said that their tuna could probably be used for sushi but not their salmon. Safeway and Whole Foods both said they don't carry it. Does anyone know where to go for this? Near Boulder would be ideal but I would also consider a trek down to Denver. Thanks!

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  1. Pacific Ocean Market in Broomfield might? Charsiu or Lotus Seed Paste would know for sure.

    1. Every Whole Foods I have been to has had a good variety of sushi grade. I wonder if you got bad information.

      1. Pacific Mercantile Company (1925 Lawrence St) in Denver. HMart has cheap, packaged sashimi, but you'll get much better quality at the Japanese store.

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          Pacific Mercantile is great but I don't get here often enough. I was there last week and I was wondering about the fish and seafood... Really you think it's the best around?

        2. Now, you must understand that this goes back some, and things might have changed, but we got many "sushi-grade" fish from Sir Loin in Aurora (Havana & Jewell Ave). We also got them to get a lot of great Hawaiian fish, and were never disappointed.


          PS we used them for beef, but always drove down to Tony's for pork and lamb.

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            Sir Loin is closed, per a recent column from Penny Parker:

            I have purchased sushi-grade salmon from Whole Foods before, but only because I asked if they could remove the pin bones from their "regular" filets and they claimed not to have any way to do this. (?!) So they offered to sell me the boneless sushi-grade salmon for the same price.

            1. re: rlm

              Double BUMMER! Thanks for the info. They were good for many years, and were I back there, I'd definitely miss them.

              Well, you saved the OP a trip down to Aurora.