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Mar 30, 2009 10:54 AM

UES - No Fairway, No Westside Market

If this is been covered before, can someone point me to the thread?

The UES has Eli's, A&V, Gourmet Garage - all overpriced. Why are there no stores like Fairway or Westside Market? Reading the UWS TJ thread, I don't understand why there isn't more of a market for TJs on the UES. We're so starved for a store like Fairway's.

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  1. Cause UESers aren't tough enough for the combat shopping at Fairway on a Sunday afternoon

    I think they are getting a Whole Foods at 86th and 3rd?? Overpriced but it will still put the rest of the UES grocers to shame

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    1. re: msny98

      Whole Foods is nice, but I'd rather have a Fairway or TJs. I'm tired of schlepping crosstown for reasonable prices.

      Don't know if this is still true with all that's happening with the economy (WF @ E57&2nd):

      1. re: menevets

        I saw this also on NY1 last weekend. Would be good, but I agree Fairway would be better. Sometimes, on a Sunday, if the weather is decent and I don't have to rush (and I think I can do it without strangling anyone), I'll take my backpack and take the bus crosstown to Fairway.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Have you tried Citarella? I know they aren't cheap, but better, I think than the other UES places that you mention, and better than Food Emporium. They are cheaper than the nasty Pioneer near me for many things as well. Are there any particular kinds of foods that you are looking for, or just an all around market? We still have a number of good butchers around.

        1. A&V is a bargain compared to Eli's.

          It amazes me that anyone pays Eli's prices. But then again, this is the UES of Manhattan.


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          1. re: TipsyMcStagger

            I try to only buy things at Eli's that I can't find elsewhere and feel as if I absolutely have to have it for some recipe or another! Right then!

          2. A&V often has excellent pries on produce.

            I suspect that rent has more than a bit to do with all of this. It usually does!