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Mar 30, 2009 10:49 AM

7 Course Tasting Menu At Stella! ?

I have an NCAA bracket bet with my girlfriend and it is inevitable that she will win at this point (I whiffed on every Final Four team). The bet was dinner at Stella!. I am considering doing the 7 course tasting menu I have heard about here and there and would to know some opinions on it. Is it worthwhile? How is the wine pairing? Etc, etc.

Also, does anyone know the cost? Or the general cost? I can't seem to find it on Stella!'s website, but I'm guessing it changes as the dishes change. I don't need an exact number, but a general figure (pre-tip) would be much appreciated. Thanks Hounds.

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  1. Did it in September. Delicious, great pairings, and an overall wonderful dining experience. Cost for 2 with wine and a cocktail to start plus tax tip and all liabilities came to $250 a head.

    Here is my report.

    1. We were impressed, and we often do "chef's tasting menus" around the globe. Each dis was very good to excellent. The wines, paired with the courses, were very good - as good as any that we've ever experienced in NOLA.

      I did a review about 16 mos. ago:

      I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did,


      1. We had the 7 course tasting with wine pairing a couple of weeks ago. Overall, we thought it was good, but not outstanding. While there was a course or two that we really enjoyed, nothing seemed to really blow us away until we got to dessert. We got a dessert tasting and absolutely loved the "Grilled Cheese". So delicious. I was happy that we did the wine pairing because we tasted some really interesting, wonderful wines that we'd never had before. Our total pre-tip was around $480.

        1. Me and my wife did it about a 1 1/2 years ago and it was hands down the best meal of our lives!! I'm allergic to shellfish (huge bummer!) and they changed everything on the 7 courses to meet my dietary needs. The waiter described everything in great, but not boring, detail which totally added to the whole experience. I even took a photo of the menu outside so I'd never forget all the delicious stuff we ate. Pre-tip it was $200 for the two of us, but we didn't have the wine pairing. I hope you go, it's more than worth the money you'll pay.

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            This was similar treatment, as for my wife. She (grew up in NOLA and ate oysters at every occasion) cannot do any bi-valve. Stella! knew of this, and also that we'd probably be doing their tasting menu that night. They never missed a beat, and even changed the wine pairings to reflect her needs. Since I can eat anything, it meant that I got to taste other dishes and other wines. BTW, their sommelier did one of the best jobs pairings the wines with the fare in NOLA. A few others should take notes on this. It is not that difficult, and with a good wine list, can really enhance the meal.

            As an aside to the OP's topic, I heartily recommend mentioning any food allergies, or aversions, when making the reservations. I usually do a followup communication, and to date, not one kitchen has had a problem. Just let them know, so they can plan for this.