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Mar 30, 2009 10:44 AM

Best Brunch Spots (Fairfield County - CT)?

Where should I go to get a kickass brunch in Fairfield county? I'm open to anything from New American style to Mexican, whatever!

Thanks :)

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  1. the best brunch is probably Splash restaurant in Westport. It is located on the water, and has outdoor seating available in the warmer months, but while many people wrongly think the summer is the only time to go there, the food, ESPECIALLY the brunch, is great quality all year long. It is a buffet, but a really good one. It is $30 a person for adults. I think its less for kids, but i dont have kids so i dont know. included in the price is a free first glass of champagne, or juice, soda, etc. I am not into raw bar, but they do have fresh oysters and clams. They also cook eggs and pasta to order and have a carving station. In addition to a lot of "typical" brunch stuff (eggs benedict, bacon, sausage). They also offer their signature salads, a cheese display, and a full dessert table. You can definitely get your $30 worth and more. also, don't be alarmed--splash is a very trendy place, but not pretentious. you can feel comfortable eating there in casual or formal attire. its a little bit of everything on a sunday morning especially. hope this helps!

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      $30pp??? WOW. You'd be better off paying for a Metro North ticket to Manhattan and going out for brunch there with unlimited mimosas. I really like Chocopologie for brunch in SoNo. Their brunch platter is is most their food. Reasonable prices to boot.

      1. re: UWStoSONO

        Considering that the brunch at the Greenwich Hyatt (which was good the one time I went) is $55 a person, $30 per person doesn't seem very outrageous.

        I haven't been there in years, but like Reggiano, I liked the Blue Bird Inn. Nothing fancy in the decor department, but good food.

        1. re: shellyesq

          Roger Sherman Inn in New canaan bids $28

    2. For a different type of brunch, try Valenica Luncheria in Norwalk--Venezuela beach food. I've always enjoyed the eggs they have! And almost everything else!

      I remember growing up Bluebird Inn in Easton was always fun for brunch, but I haven't been in so long.

      Both of these are really casual.

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      1. re: Reggiano

        Bluebird is decent but slooooooow. For a non-fancy but good brunch I like Kings in Newtown. Also Zest in Westport does a nice brunch. Try the poached eggs with their house smoked salmon over potato pancakes.

        1. re: Ima Foodie

          Zest says they're Chapter 11.

          Oy!! I need a 10am Saturday for early Mom's day!!

          Help me jfood, you're my only hope! Dad said the Homestead but they have no Saturday, and everywhere that's searchable "brunch" in FFD doesn't open till 12!
          My dad has to be at JFK for a 2pm flight so we have to do 10.

          Where can I take my mom that's very special and open early?

          1. re: julietg

            Jfood is not a brunch person.

            New Canaan, Schoolhouse in Wilton, Stonehenge in WiltonRidgefield for high end. There is probably one or two restaurants on the lower Summer Street area that will definitely have a "kickass" brunch. Maybe the Hyatt in Greenwich, or Rebeccas in Greenwich.

            Hope this helps and not too late. Jfood doing the cooking and his BIL, also a good cook, just told mrs jfood he wants to come over and have some fun cooking for the ladies as well.

            Happy Mother's Day

      2. Does it have to be a buffet-style brunch? I would imagine Le Pain Quotidien in New Canaan would fit the bill.

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          That's what I ended up recommending, but then my mom decided to scrap the whole deal and go to see "God of Carnage," instead, next week.

          Tony Soprano is tasty, too, no?

          Thanks for everyone's quick replies!