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Mar 30, 2009 09:46 AM

26 Beach question

(since I've got your attention, hi burger boy : ) )
I tried 26 Beach this weekend, and, thank you burger boy for the constant recommendations. It was delicious. My SO and I went in to try the burger, but once we sat down, we realized that we just weren't in a burger place, so, alas, we're just going to have to go back.
I had the chicken cubano, which was excellent, well spiced and large enough that it's actually going to serve as 3 meals for me.
My SO had the ribs which he felt could have used some more sauce, but still enjoyed thoroughly. The fries that I stole off of his plate all night were delicious, more potato-y tasting than fried tasting, if that's a relatable description.

Here's my question (it's coming, I promise....)- I know we're going to be going back here a lot. Most of the entrees that I saw coming out looked exceptionally yummy. It's going to take us some time to try everything we want to try there.

So, that said, I noticed they have pizzas on the menu. How do the pizzas stack up? I didn't see any leave the kitchen, but then, once my food arrive, I stopped ogling everyone else's, so that doesn't mean no one around me ordered any.

Just trying to make the most of my visits/wallet... thanks!

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  1. This place started as Burgers, Salads & Sushi. The father has since hung up his knives. The son, Francis, is an Executive Chef. All the food is really good, everything is made there. That being said, the make their own pizza dough but for me the pizzas are not what I order. I love the burgers, salads, the chipotle pasta, the curry pasta, the rack of lamb is great, you get 8 pieces, Try a burger, heck try the veggie burger it is really good. The french toasts at brunch time are outrageous and they are doing a lot of salad and sandwich specials at lunch, specials meaning new. It is a great place and family owned. Glad you tried it and liked it.

    1. I have eaten there for more than a decade and never had the pizza. Always burgers and salads and jerk chicken.

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        They have a jerk chciken panini like sandwich at lunch that is really good.

      2. You haven't had the 26 Beach experience till you've had something from their brunch menu.