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Mar 30, 2009 09:26 AM

Brunch-what to serve w/ frittata?

I'm hosting a brunch and plan to make an onion, potato, chorizo frittata. i'll have mimosas, fresh fruit. but i'd like to add another main dish. any ideas? thank you!!!

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  1. Rather than another main (yours is great) how about some breads? Orange and walnut, cranberry and pecan, banana, etc? And serve it with great double cream butter. They were be the fist thing that would be on my plate!

    If you need recipes . . .

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      Those quick breads deserve a nice cream cheese as well.....

    2. A crisp green salad, of course, is a natural -
      How about a Dilly Onion Bread too?

      1. i wonder if alton brown's overnight sticky buns might be a way of adding fresh baked goods without adding a lot of fuss the morning of.

        1. fruit salad with greek yogurt
          a breakfasty bread

          1. Recently attended a brunch. Other than eggs and ham they served cheese, paté and marinated vegetables platter.