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Mar 30, 2009 08:33 AM

Teele Square Cafe -- new owners

On the corner of Broadway and Curtis, where the old Soleil cafe used to be, the former owners of 2nd Street Cafe (in E. Cambridge) are opening the TSC.

If it's anything like second street, it will be a boon to that neighborhood. Nice people, good value, great food.

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  1. i'm hoping the thrid time will be the charm for this location.

    i've been twice for breakfast/brunch. everything's been great so far: french toast, cheese omelet -- potatoes are outstanding. loose-leaf teas -- a deal breaker for me. my only tiny quibble is the lack of whole wheat bread. the multi-grain is good, but it's not the same as whole wheat.

    looking forward to trying the sandwiches -- especially the roast turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing.

    1. Here's a little more info!

      I haven't been yet, but I'll go soon and will report back!

      1. Hey YY - I posted about this under Hidden Boston's running Spring 2009 openings thread, but just to reiterate...I was walking by and only got a white bean and kale salad last week - it was ok but greatly improved when tossed with some orechiette at home. Warm service (got called "hon" a couple of times, which I appreciate!). I'll definitely give them another try. I want more than anything for someone to succeed in that cheerful space.

        1. Just witnessed a photo shoot of a sandwich tonight. Guess there'll be a review/story popping up in a local rag.