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Mar 30, 2009 08:27 AM

Easter Menus!

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to know what you are all making for Easter, so that I could possibly take some of your ideas to add to my menu. We will be having a piece of lamb (hopefully a leg) and most likely a ham as well.

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  1. If I get my vote, I'll make penne with vodka sauce. It's my favorite holiday dinner substitute (since it's often just 2 or 3 of us).

    But I must share, I am dying to try the Easter pie I saw Ray Liotta make last week on Martha Stewart. It looks wonderful!

    And, WOOHOO, now the video of the show is posted so I can watch the whole thing. I will post that link over on the Food Media board of anyone else is interested in checking it out.

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    1. re: kattyeyes

      After getting some advice on another thread, I'm making a southern Easter:

      Relish Tray w/ Pimento Cheese
      Deviled Eggs
      Ham Glazed with Brown Sugar and Mustard
      Scalloped Potatoes
      Roasted Sweet Potatoes
      Green Beans with Bacon and Onions
      Green Salad with Pears, Strawberries, Blue Cheese and Pecans
      Dinner rolls
      Lemon Cake
      Ambrosia Salad

      1. re: jenhen2

        jenhen2 - enjoyed looking at that menu, wish I was eating at your house - you did an excellent job of your southern menu, excellent!

        1. re: bayoucook

          Thanks! And thanks for all your help with it. I'll let you know how it goes! Happy Easter!!!!

        2. re: jenhen2

          i'm doing a similiar menu, however am adding my great grandmother's Easter pie. i am interested in your lemon i am a sucker for a good lemon anything. do you have a tried and true recipe?

          1. re: heyjude344

            I've made the lemon cake with lemon curd and mascarpone from Epicurious and it's great. It's a little more fancy-style cake - a little delicate. If you're looking for a more homey version, I like Cooks Illustrated's lemon layer cake. I can paraphrase the recipe here if either of those sound interesting to you. Let me know.

          2. re: jenhen2

            I agree that looks awesome! And I'm sure it will be a winner with the guests. The strawberry salad is killer. And oh my favorite! Scalloped Potatoes! Yahoo!

          3. re: kattyeyes

            I haven't seen that video, but I just made my Pizza Rustica today, and will make my grain pie tomorrow.

            1. re: roxlet

              My mom just saw the video this week and told me it's very similar to a quiche she makes (the actual recipe's name is Cheesy Spinach Pie or some such), so I would be just as happy to eat it that way minus the crust. It was fun to watch Ray Liotta regardless...and I like the idea of prosciutto in the pie rather than sausage as my mom's recipe calls for, so maybe we'll switch it up.

              We finally decided we're having filet mignon and creamed spinach for dinner. And I just picked up all the ingredients for key lime cheesecake. I'm making it with Neufchatel (lower fat) cream cheese this time...and fresh-squeezed key limes. I will be cursing this idea later as I'm sure it will take several of the little suckers to yield the juice needed. ;)

              1. re: kattyeyes

                I had to drive around today but I found a farm stand with their own just-picked spinach for my creamed spinach tomorrow. I'm so psyched!

                1. re: coll

                  Ohhhh, nice! I will make it a shopping quest today and see if I can be so lucky. :) Enjoy!

                  1. re: coll

                    I would be so lost without our farmers market. Fresh heirlooms, spinach, arugula, herbs, anything you can imagine. 2 streets worth of fresh fruits and veggies.

                    I know, FL has spoiled me. But I do miss the apples in the fall, fresh cider and cherrys from the Traverscity MI Cherry festival and the rhubard. But otherwise, we are spoiled here with year round fresh produce.

                    1. re: kchurchill5

                      Do they grow spinach down there? I thought it was a cold weather crop. We only get it here in NY in early spring and late fall.

                      1. re: coll

                        Several farms grow it. It does better in winter months here, but there a few organic farms that grow it spring and fall too. One farm even does summer but in controlled green houses.

            2. we'll make rack of heirloom iowa pork--rubbed up and cooked to pink-plus--and au gratin potatoes using tom valenti's very simple (and wonderful) recipe--heavy cream infused with 15 cloves of garlic and a handful of thyme. i know from experience that these potatoes are great with lamb. since some folks go out of their way to make scalloped potatoes and ham, that match seems promising, too.

              1. We will be having ham, of course.

                There are 2 must have sides at our Easter dinner that my family cannot live without::

                Garlic cheese grits.

                Homemade pickled beets/pickled eggs( made with juice from the pickeled eggs.

                1. From - making this one plus one more dessert (for 10)

                  Sweet-Hot Plum-Glazed Ham

                  • Classic Parmesan Scalloped Potatoes

                  • Asparagus Amandine

                  • Baby Blue Salad With Fresh Pears

                  • Refrigerator Yeast Rolls

                  • Lemon-Coconut Cake

                  • Peach Iced Tea

                  1. Deviled eggs (with lox, with deviled ham and with smoked paprika and anchovies)
                    Italian sausage and feta boureki
                    Salad of roast asparagus and jamon serrano in lemon chive dressing
                    Kibbeh (undecided)

                    Spice-rubbed butterflied leg of lamb
                    Wild rice pilaf
                    Roast beets

                    Homemade sugar-free peeps
                    Cardamom cake with saffron frosting

                    I am also working on a rose-flavored vodka cocktail with a floater for a slightly irreverent cocktail hour after 5 hours of Mass within the span of 24 hours. If I can't get it to work, then we're having cucumber caipirinhas and Malbecs.

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                    1. re: JungMann

                      We usually have a nice brunch at the house, poolside, weather depending!

                      This year we are making ...

                      Grilled "Pissed" Off Shrimp
                      Grilled Spicy Lamb Sticks
                      Grilled Citrus Salmon (if fresh fish is caught that week, we will have snapper, tuna, or wahoo)
                      Grilled Veggie Cous Cous Salad topped with a balsamic glaze
                      (I like to grill!)
                      Arugula Salad with Parmesan crisps

                      Last time we were in NY, we had a refreshing ginger cocktail at the Green Table in Chelsea Market...Ginger infused vodka with Prosecco and cider, it was great and we have recreated it with an island twist, so that will our afternoon cocktail.

                      My Sister in Laaw is in charge of dessert, so who knows what yummy morsels she will be preparing!

                      1. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

                        I'm curious, are those grilled shrimp of yours the species colorfully known as "pissing shrimp" in Chinese cooking? I hadn't known that they were available this side of the Pacific.

                      2. re: JungMann

                        Where is your cardamom cake recipe from? I've been playing around with a couple of cakes from Scandinavian Feasts, adding cardamom to some of them.

                        I tried a rose flavoured cocktail once ahead of a Middle Eastern dinner, using rosewater, and was less than thrilled with the results. If you come up with a recipe that you like, please do post on the Spirits board.

                        1. re: MMRuth

                          I use a cardamom cake recipe from Epicurious that my parish has been asking for since I debuted it at last year's Easter party.

                          As for the rose-flavored cocktail, I avoid rosewater in cocktails. Try using Rooh Afza, instead, which is a sort of rose-based cordial. It marries well with dairy and could make for an interesting white russian, but be careful with the amounts you use. It is very concentrated and in aqueous solutions a little goes a long way.

                          I forgot that I'm also working on an additional dessert around the boxes of Girl Scout samoas I purchased this year. My initial thoughts are for a white cake with chunky caramel frosting or a samoa semifreddo.

                          1. re: JungMann

                            Thanks - I think you posted that link for the cake for me last year, now that I think of it!

                        2. re: JungMann

                          My menu has undergone a little tweaking, but I think we've finalized:
                          Assorted deviled eggs
                          Sausage, feta and roasted pepper boureki
                          Baba ghannouj with fresh pita
                          Crudités and cheeses

                          Spice-rubbed butterflied leg of lamb
                          Cous cous paella a la Valenciana
                          Poached egg-topped asparagus and jamon serrano in a lemon-chive dressing
                          Roast beet salad with arugula, goat cheese and spiced walnuts

                          Key lime pie
                          Cardamom cake with rose-saffron frosting
                          Girl Scout Samoa parfait

                          For the cocktail, I am working on a recipe for rose and lychee martinis with the cucumber caipirinhas and cucumber lemonade as back-ups.

                          1. re: JungMann

                            Your menu sounds really good! I laughed at your comment about the 5 hrs of Mass in 24 hrs--ain't that the truth! What kind of spices in the leg of lamb? I've seen an Indian spiced leg of lamb that looked interesting. I would love to try a cucumber caipirinha.

                            1. re: sibaik

                              The lamb recipe I use borrows heavily from North Africa: I find this particularly blend far more complex and complimentary to grilled lamb than most Indian tandoori or kabab masalas, though I will still likely serve a harissa raita on the side to infuse my heritage into the menu.

                              After 5 hours of Mass on top of the hours of organ and choir rehearsal, I am going to more than "try" my cocktails that day!

                              1. re: JungMann

                                You better, you'd of earned it! I love lychee martini. Your addition of rose though is causing me wonder. Lychee taste like cherries to me. What about pomegranete?
                                I"m thinking you'd get a classic rhubarb and cherries sort of cocktail.
                                I'm trying to come up with a nice cocktail myself...blanking. Or perhaps take some bakers sugar, and color it pale pink, and flavor with the rosewater for the rim.