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Mar 30, 2009 08:09 AM

Off-season breakfast on the Cape

Hey Hounders!

I will be going to Chatham this weekend and would like to have a delicious breakfast/brunch on Sunday morning, but I know that a lot of places will not yet be open for the season. Any recommendations? Preferably in/close to Chatham, but I'm willing to stop anywhere between Chatham and my way back to the mainland. Thanks!

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  1. It doesn't qualify for "brunch", but it's my favorite greasy spoon: Larry's PX in the Shop Ahoy plaza on Rt 28 in Chatham, south of town.

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      I wish I knew something..the best breakfast is Black Dog on the Vineyard. Real maple syrup and great vegetarian options. If Ocean House has brunch in Dennisport go's off Lower County so doable for a ride. I am out of the US so check their website or call.