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Mar 30, 2009 08:04 AM


I've heard geat things and am planning on heading up there this weekend. Has anyone been there recently? Any suggestions on what to get? Thanks!

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  1. Is Taco Mix in Manhattan? I found one in Yonkers & one in Brooklyn.

    ETA: Whoops! and one on E. 116th. Interested to hear about this place.

    1. Never heard of it. I think you have the wrong name.

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      1. I am referring to the one on 116th Street. I didn't realize there were others.

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          Taco Mix is great.. As are many restaurants on that strip.. When you go there, I would not eat until you are full.. Directly outside Taco Mix there are a few shops set up.. A simple counter or two on the sidewalk where these ladies make homemade quesadillas too.. I really like the mushroom ones..

          Taco Mix is the best Taco in Manhattan in my opinion.. I have some photos

          And yes they do have the spinning wheel of meat.

          Also if you continue to walk east and make your first left, you will come upon a wonderful Mexican Bakery, Mexico Lindo, that also has tacos that I really like.

        2. i recall liking the sopes but it's been quite a while since i was there last.

          some old taco mix threads: