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Mar 30, 2009 08:03 AM

Butcher/Baker/Fishmonger near Wheaton?

Hey all. I just moved into Wheaton, and I'm looking for recs for a good fishmonger, butcher, and baker hopefully nearby. I used to use Wagshal's in Spring Valley as my go to butcher, and a small fish market in Chevy Chase DC (forget the name). I have a car so the range isn't a huge problem, but I'd like stuff a little closer to home. I've been to the H'mart btw and I think that may satisfy the Fishmonger part of the equation, but if anyone has a better rec let me know!

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  1. For meat, try Snyder's market just off Georgia Avenue on Seminary Road. It's about a 10-minute ride south from Wheaton.

    1. Fish- Yep, H Mart is the best in IMO.
      Baker: There are numerous good central/south american bakeries in the area. One on Georgia south of University, one in the H Mart parking lot, what specifically are you looking for? The bakery at Shalom Kosher has nice select items and the bakery at Four Corners has good donuts (but nothing else great IMO).
      Butcher: I actually buy most at McGruders in Lamberton shopping center. I have not found a good butcher.

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        With due respect for your opinion, I disagree with you regarding the Woodmoor bakery at Four Corners. IMO, it is one of the best bakeries in the area. The Danish, in particular, are superb!

        GinChevyChase also might want to check out the bakery in the Kemp MIll Shopping Center on Aracola as well as Magruder's in the same center for produce and meats.

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          The Lotte further up Georgia Avenue, IMO, outdoes that H-Mart these days.

          I've had mixed luck with the Woodmoor bakery.

        2. Congratulations on moving to Wheaton, a great place for chowhounds so far. Hopefully, the County will keep its mitts off the place so it can continue to retain its unique character.

          I've been happy with Korean Korner for fish (Randolph and Veirs Mill) but I don't think you can go wrong with any big Korean store.

          I've not been impressed by the Central American and Chinese bakeries in the area. I think they are too "bready" and not sweet enough, respectively. Lucia's, an Italian deli near Univ and Ga. has decent pastries as does Marchones in the Wheaton Triangle. A little further from Wheaton, just north of Veirs Mill and Twinbrook Pkwy is Shilla Bakery, a Korean store with some good stuff. If you're willing to go further in Rockville, on Gude Dr. off the rte 28 side & on the left, is Les Delices, a French style bakery owned by a Lebanese gentleman. I've liked their products. Finally, also in Rockville, on Halpine near the Twinbrook Metro is the Swiss Bakery. She closes at 3 on Saturday.

          1. Thanks for all the Recs! I'll have to try them out :) In terms of bakers, my number one thing is getting good baguettes and other bread, then on to the sweet stuff. I'm just moved in and I'm pretty psyched to try out all of the (what looks like) great little hole in the wall places, only done Navra Thai and EPR so far. Both great btw...

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              If its bread you're focusing on, try the Upper Crust Bakery next to Giant at New Hampshire and Randolph.