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Mar 30, 2009 06:48 AM

Best Gelato in T.O.?

hey folks,
in a desperate attempt to usher in spring and/or summer, i'd like your recs on where to get the best gelato in toronto, and why!? me, i'm stuck on greg's roasted marshmallow ice cream, but that's a different thread altogether.

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  1. Dolce on College - OK IMO
    Solferino now closed - was awesome
    Hollywood Gelato - SUPREME!!!

    1. Il Gelatiere on Mt. Pleasant and Eg is good

      1. Il Gelatiere on Mt. Pleasant is my absolute favourite, followed by Soma in the Distillery (which wasn't set up for single scoops yet when I was there last weekend), then La Paloma on St.Clair West.

        I find Hollywood too sweet.

        1. Sorry, not in Toronto but in Oakville on Bronte near the lake, there is a small shop that sells gelato and ice cream called Butterfly Ice Cream. The ice cream is not made in house, but the gelato is and it is divine!

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          1. re: icey

            Il Gelatiere is the best! I also like Hollywood Gelato.

          2. Xococava on Yonge at Heath. All ice creams and gelati are made on-site, and are fantastic.