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Best Gelato in T.O.?

hey folks,
in a desperate attempt to usher in spring and/or summer, i'd like your recs on where to get the best gelato in toronto, and why!? me, i'm stuck on greg's roasted marshmallow ice cream, but that's a different thread altogether.

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  1. Dolce on College - OK IMO
    Solferino now closed - was awesome
    Hollywood Gelato - SUPREME!!!

    1. Il Gelatiere on Mt. Pleasant and Eg is good

      1. Il Gelatiere on Mt. Pleasant is my absolute favourite, followed by Soma in the Distillery (which wasn't set up for single scoops yet when I was there last weekend), then La Paloma on St.Clair West.

        I find Hollywood too sweet.

        1. Sorry, not in Toronto but in Oakville on Bronte near the lake, there is a small shop that sells gelato and ice cream called Butterfly Ice Cream. The ice cream is not made in house, but the gelato is and it is divine!

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            Il Gelatiere is the best! I also like Hollywood Gelato.

          2. Xococava on Yonge at Heath. All ice creams and gelati are made on-site, and are fantastic.

            1. Holywood Gelato is okay... I didn't really find it to be so mind blowing, but its good

              1. HANDS DOWN!!!!!
                Il Gelatiere on Mt. Pleasant

                I spent last summer in Italy...Il Gelatiere on Mt. Pleasant can compete with every cone I tried from Florence to Calabria!!!!

                1. it gelatiere chocolate w/ chili. Real heat, not whitey heat, great stuff.

                  1. Il geletaire is amazing!
                    Xococava is also delicious. There choclate gelato is very intense.
                    I would also recommend Ed's Real Scoop. They just opened a Leslieville location. Try any of there icecreams or frozen Yoghurt. There strawberry yoghurt is the best I have ever tasted....and I have eaten a lot of icecream.

                    1. I like Hollywood. Avoid the obvious Leaside kid's flavours - many of their flavours are not extremely sweet.

                      I've had mixed experiences at Il Gelatiere, but it has sometimes been wonderful.

                      Ed's Real Scoop isn't in the same league, but the gelato has been improving and is certainly nice.

                      La Paloma has gone down the dumper. The original location had a "business for sale" sign on the window a couple of weeks ago.

                      I found Soma's gelato surprisingly bland. I haven't tried Xococava.

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                        Ed's has opened up on Queen & Logan (a block or 2 from my home), and I really like their gelato. We picked up a liter of the chili chocolate and a liter of coconut for dinner last Saturday night. Delicious.

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                          I agree with the Ed's Gelato recommendation and plug the Leslieville location, but Il Gelaterie is really the best in the city, hands down.

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                          Xoxocava is ice cream- good ice cream, but not gelato.

                          I didn't realize that the original location of La Paloma had a "for sale" sign up. The last batch of lemon gelato I picked up last summer was still quite good.

                          I have to admit, I've only tried the dark chocolate gelato at Soma, but I found it to be flavourful.

                          At Il Gelatiere, I usually order lemon,dark chocolate, chili chocolate, menta (not that the menta is necessarily that good- I just tend to order it if it's one of my choices), and non-dairy fondente or riso when they have it. At ll Gelatiere, the fruit flavours seem too sweet with less fruit flavour than I expect, and a strange mouthfeel that becomes almost foamy when they start to melt.

                          At La Paloma I usually order the lemon gelato, although I enjoyed a chili mango feature flavour they offered a few years ago, that I only noticed on one visit.

                          Most dairy-focused flavours (straciatella, zuppa inglese, marscarpone, tiramisu, zabaglione) , nut flavours (pistachio, nocciola) or fruit flavours apart from lemon have been disappointing for me in Toronto.

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                            I think Xococava was going a few steps beyond ice cream (though I think they scaled back to just ice creams over the winter. They were definitely doing a non-ice cream chocolate before, either sorbet or gelato, and were playing around with a number of granitas as well.

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                              "At ll Gelatiere, the fruit flavours seem too sweet with less fruit flavour than I expect, and a strange mouthfeel that becomes almost foamy when they start to melt."

                              Agree 100%. Not that I know of a better option in Toronto -- with the possible exception of the "wild" berry flavour at Hollywood.

                            1. I love LaPaloma for Gelato. There's a lot of variety.

                              Also Gregs at Bloor and Spadina has an AMAZING roasted marshmallow ice cream with home made hot fudge sauce. Everyone has to try it!

                              1. I'll just be a parrot and say Il Gelatiere as well. It just cannot be beat.

                                1. Il Gelatiere. Especially for the nut based flavours, the zabaglione, and the other creme or chocolate based flavours. The fruit gelato is good but not as outstanding.

                                  Hollywood is OK. A bit sweet. But they have longer hours and are worth settling for if Il Gelatiere has closed.

                                  1. La Bamboche on Manor at Yonge behind Coquine makes amazing Gelato on premises...limited flavours but excellent quality and taste...Miranda

                                    1. since we're talking flavours, i have to mention the "maria" - cinnamon and pine nuts - at Il Gelatiere. that and nutella. okay i'm going right now.

                                      1. Il Gelatiere is the one!

                                        1. thanks hounds! yer the best!