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Mar 30, 2009 06:10 AM

Good Breakfast Places near W. 55th (Broadway/8th)

I'm staying in this area for the first time and would love some recommendations for breakfast places nearby- a good coffee shop, fantastic bagels. We'll happily walk a few blocks.

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  1. Whym on 9th Ave. between 57th and 58th (haven't been but others like it)
    Kyotofu is at 48th on 9th Ave (Japanese)
    Landmarc or Bouchon Bakery in Time Warner Center (59th and 8th)
    Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill (58th and 8th) - they say they are open for breakfast, although I can't find a menu online, although this spot is supposed to be a "Greatest Hits" of their other restaurants
    Petrossian (58th and 7th)
    Amy's Bread (bakery, 47th and 9th)
    Sarabeth's (59th and 6th)
    Sullivan Street Bakery (47th and 11th)

    Bagels in the area:

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      If you like French Toast, then I'd highly recommend going to Landmarc in Time Warner Center, get the Pain Perdu: it's approximately a half of a small loaf (sort of a boule), unsliced, which is soaked overnight in French toast juice (with a bit of booze) and then cooked in some way that approximates deep frying: it's a crispy caramelized outside, with a soft custardy center... with maple syrup... mmmmm. Order a side of bacon. The rest of the breakfast offerings there.... run of the mill.

      I should add to put this recommendation in perspective, just my taste, but I love breakfast and I won't eat at Sarabeths, Norma's, diners, 9th Avenue (yes, all of them) etc. Yuck. I don't like soggy home fries, limp or cold toast, overcooked eggs, etc. A home cooked pancake straight from the pan is crispy, in a restaurant, soggy.

      1. re: acidity

        If you are going to walk to the time warner center, go across the street and have breakfast at Jean Georges.

    2. Certe @20 West 55 St. (btw. Fifth & Sixth Aves.) is my favorite breakfast place in that area: nicer than a coffee shop with takeout in the front and table service in the back. The best, homemade baked goods, great bagels, omelettes, hot cereal, fresh fruit, etc. and warm and friendly service.

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      1. re: City Kid

        Hey City Kid - we tried to check out Certe - thought you might like to know that it seems to be no more.

        1. re: suse

          NOT TRUE, NOT TRUE! Just had breakfast there a few days ago. Perhaps you were looking at their old location when they were called Lynn's Cafe, just east of the current location on the same block. They are at 20 West 55th, a bit set back from the sidewalk inside a covered entrance. Maybe that's what confused you.

          1. re: City Kid

            Yikes - that must be what happened. We looked at the very empty space from across the street, so yeah, that must be what happend. Oh time then.

        2. Right on 8th, I believe corner of 54th, or 52nd, definitely on 8t Ave., is a good diner, can't remember the name, used to be on Columbus Circle but moved to 8th Ave. when the rent was raised to over $100,000/month.

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          1. This was a few years ago, so not sure it's still there, but there was a tiny hole-in-the wall coffee/bagel/sandwich place on 54th in between Broadway and 8th Ave (north side of the street). Excellent coffee, egg sandwiches, and cookies.

            1. Sarabeth's (Central Park South) is known for their breakfast - although it can be a bit on the expensive side.

              I would also say to definitely try Zibetto on 6th avenue for coffee (56th street).

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              1. re: stephaniec25

                If you are looking for traditional diner food, there is The flame at the corner of 58th and 9th avenue. I often go there while in town for their pancakes and French toast. I also tried Landmarc, very good, and Bouchon bakery. This last one is a self-serve and no table service but their breakfast items are excellent.

                1. re: cricri7

                  eyed that place for traditional diner breakfast but ended up at whym a few doors down; not bad and seemingly a good value but, probably won't go again. sorta fancier brunch; home fries very salty and greasy, omelettes looked decent, cheddar biscuits kinda crazy.