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Mar 30, 2009 06:00 AM

1 star restaurant for anniversary in Paris

My husband and I will be coming out to Paris next week for our anniversary, a first trip for both of us. We are looking for a one star michelin restaurant (or a place of comparable quality) to have a nice dinner at while we are in town for under $100 per person with alcohol. We eat everything but would prefer something that best represents modern or classic Paris cuisine. Suggestions appreciated, thanks!

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  1. Your price point is just about too low for dinner at a one star including drinks. $100 is only about 75e. You could have lunch at this price point no problem at a number of one stars.

    Here are some suggestions that come close:
    Violon d'Ingres - has 3 courses for 49e, bottles of wine start at about 40e. This is a good place but may not be what you are seeking for an anniversary dinner. Skip aperitifs, bottled water & coffee and you make your budget.

    Relais Louis XIII (2 stars) - has an 80e dinner menu, with very limited choices, with wines by the glass you could squeek by a little above your budget. If you deviate from the fixed dinner menu prices explode.

    La Braisiere (1star) - This may be your ticket, intimate 1 star, husband cooking, wife runs the front, excellent foods from the SW, 17 Rue Cardinet, no website that I know of. If you order carefully and have wines by the glass you will get out for 75e each but will for sure need to skip the aperitifs & bottled water.

    1. The short answer is: don't go to one star restaurants, they're as expensive as 2/3 ones and less good (some are as good, such as Gérard Besson or la Grande Cascade --they're also as expensive).

      100$ pp being 77€, you're not looking at dinner at a starred place anyway. Lunch at la Table de Joel Robuchon on a weekday would even leave you some money to buy croissants, though.

      This is not to say that you can't have a nice dinner -- it's just that you'll have a trade-off between excellent food and comfortable restaurant. Most likely, you're looking at a good bistrot/small restaurant, which should have something celebratory given the occasion, which rules out the usual suspects which are packed and very "friendly" like Chez l'Ami Jean, La Régalade, Chez Denise.

      What about l'Auberge du Quincy, Chez Boboss? This is a generous place doing very classic bistrot cuisine in an excellent way. Said Boboss is a colourful character but also a very fine palate who takes good ingredients and precise cooking seriously. An ideal place if you feel like escargots, pieds et paquets, tête de veau, lapin, cote de veau aux morilles. As if you were not more than full already, desserts like the "crème de riz" or the "mousse au chocolat" are all you can eat jars. Never had a mousse au chocolat that good.

      If you feel like getting a taste of modernity, then what about le Bistral, a bistrot that has modern BUT delicious cuisine, and lots of natural wines from smal domains? It's a cramped little bistrot in the depths of the 17th, but tables are not too small, and it feels special.

      There's also la Véranda at the Trianon Palace in Versailles, created by Gordon Ramsay who recently apparently withdrew his investment. It is anyway an excellent restaurant by the Park of the Castle of Versailles (be sure not to book at the gastronomic restaurant, your budget would explode) with extremely well made food, gorgeous view and lots of room. But of course that's not in Paris.

      There's also the secret place for Paris lovers -- le Pétrelle. It's not for everyone but those who like it, love it. Simple food based on excellent and French ingredients in a very intimate setting, with some very affordable very old wines, an open kitchen, and the cat (and dog) owning the house.

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        Le Petrelle, for sure. The prix-fixe menu (around $40.00) should allow a decent bottle of wine, Kir Royale etc for a fine evening.

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          Check my pics to know whether you might like the style: