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Mar 30, 2009 05:52 AM

Restaurant Recommendations Lunch Glassboro NJ

I will be in Glassboro NJ this week. (Have never been here)
Any must try places restaurants - take out - quick bites - open to all suggestions. Thank you.

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  1. shabbystorm- i grew up in this area and there is a severe lack of hound dining options. you will find mostly fast food and diners. there is one restaurant i would recommend- toscana's in mullica hill (next town over). it's standard red sauce italian fare, but the food is decent, for the area. how far are you willing to travel? you might have to head up to the cherry hill area for good choices.

    1. you also might try your luck with local hoagie or pizza joints. the pizza garden in pitman (very close to glassboro) used to be good, but the last time i ate there was 10+ years ago.

      1. Not much in those parts, but I have heard The Blue Plate in Mullica Hill is good for lunch. (I haven't been there)
        Depending on the day of the week you go, there is an Amish Market that definitely would be worth stopping at. It's only open Thurs, Fri, Sat. They have great BBQ chickens for sale, ribs, etc. There is a sandwich shop up front where you can sit down. The donuts are very good as well, and don't miss the soft pretzels they make and sell warm. They have different vendors selling all sorts of things; you can get some nice meat and poultry there to take home as well.

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          Halfway between Glassboro and Mullica Hill (off Rt 322, just after Rt. 55, turn right on Lambs Road to next stop sign) is JG Cooks Carolina Blue Smoke House. They completely renovated the restaurant a year ago and brought in a huge smoker - that's right, real smoked meat. They also cater to the discerning beer palate with a very unique selection of brews. I think I've tried just about everything on the menu - you can't go wrong. One hint: ask for extra sauce on the side.

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            BigSteve- thanks for reminding me about JG Cooks. the last time i was there was before the transformation. i will be sure to try it the next time i am in the area.

          2. re: mschow

            Cool! These are all great choices and helps me much! Thank you.
            Definitely will have visit the Amish Market - looks like they have a Beiler's Bakery there and their famous sticky buns are on my must try list.

            1. re: shabbystorm

              The sticky buns are great. And re the soft pretzels; if you are so inclined, try what a friend and I call the 'cancerdog'. It's a hot dog with a slice of Am Cheese, stuffed inside a soft pretzel. They just to be sure that you clog your arteries properly, it's dipped in clarified butter. It's the best worst indulgence you can get!

          3. Well I live near Glassboro and for lunch you might try They have a nice lunch menu and the food is pretty good. If you like ribs there is also the Texas Roadhouse but it is pretty noisy.