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Mar 30, 2009 03:19 AM

stumptown vs cafe vita

thoughts either of these?

i lean towards stumptown. not only is the drip far superior, but the espresso is far more balanced instead of the straight bitter shots pulled by the folks at cafe vita. on top of it, the apothetic service at cafe vita tends to make me boycott even going into one of their places.

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  1. i'm not sure how cafe vita makes their drip, but the drip at stumptown is actually french pressed coffee brewed in smaller batches and poured into the drip dispenser. i think this helps account for, in some part, how good the stumptown drip is.

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    1. re: clearskies0810

      Stumptown is served in a French press at Matt's in the Market as their house coffee. Absolutely delicious!

    2. This is like comparing apples and burgers. No basis to compare.
      Stumptown is a PDX coffee roasting company that has its own shops plus sells to others nationwide.
      Vita is just some joint with bad service. I don't know whose coffee they serve. Don't care. (Am I thinking of the wrong Vita? The place on Belmont?)

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        I think you are thinking of the wrong Vita. Vita is a roaster as well as retailer. They have a similar business model to Stumptown - both have retail shops as well as a very developed wholesale business. The main difference is that Stumptown was started in Portland, while Vita was started in Seattle. Both sell their coffees to various restaurants around Seattle. I won't get involved in the debate about whose coffee is better, I think they're both respectable.

      2. One of the things I've noted in my travels between Seattle and Portland is that Seattle tends to be an espresso-driven coffee culture by far whereas Portland could go either way between espresso drinks and single drip and French press. For those reasons, I would tend to agree with the notion that it's apples and oranges.

        While Stumptown does excellent espresso, I think their strengths are their single cup drip, whereas the opposite is true at Caffe Vita.

        A caveat: I've only been to two Vita locations, Cap Hill and the one near REI, whereas I've had Stumptown at numerous locations and occasions.