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Mar 29, 2009 09:43 PM

Sunday at the chateau

Sorry the rest of my post got cut off. I went to the chateau in waltham on sunday. I know this place is not well liked on chowhound. I like there pizza. The place was packed as usual. I don't think i've ever been here when it wasn't very crowded. They have a brunch menu on sundays now. The menu looked good. Has anyone tried the brunch yet? The food that was going by looked wonderful. We sat in the gold room. Not the nicest atmosphere. I like to sit at the bar but there was no chance of that. Way to crowded. We had a meatball pizza. It was very good. The pizza at the chateau is always good.

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  1. I've had the misfortune of "dining" at the Chateau a couple of times. It's easily one of the worst "restaurants" at which I've ever eaten.

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      That looks like a Zagat review!

      I too have had wretched experiences at The Chateau, going back to a first visit circa 1993. But in truth I have not tried the pizza that the OP likes. Mostly just red-sauce glop that I could outdo at home with a broken stove. But the mid-1970s decor is a slice of history.

    2. The Chateau is what it is. It's a local place that's always packed with regulars. The phantom gourmet gave it a very bad review one saturday awhile ago and everyone was laughing because you could barely get in the door that night the place was so crowded. I'm not a big fan of the food myself but people seem to like it. I go for the pizza. The beer is always cold and they poor a good drink also. If your looking for a great italian place this isn't it but if you want a good pizza and some great beer this may be your place. By the way thank you mc slim jb I just tried el amigo on willow street. It was wonderful. I posted about it recently and i will be going back again soon.

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        I take you at your word that you like the pizza at The Chateau. I have not tried it. But the popularity of the place does nothing for me. I split my time between Boston and NYC. There's an Olive Garden very close to my NYC apartment (in a non-touristy part of Manhattan). It is always packed. Does that equate to chow-worthy?

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          Probably not, but the toasted ravioli is a guilty pleasure comfort food from many people's childhood. That and old school American chicken parm might be worth having if you're dragged in.

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          I read your review of El Amigo with great pleasure. I love that little place, am always happy when new people discover it. I will have to give The Chateau's pizza a spin one of these days.

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            As Yogi Berra once said: "Nobody goes there any more, it's too crowded."