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serving sizes and recipes we post on chow

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i wonder how many people follow the recipes portion size on stuff found here
we always find to feed real appetites we make the recipes between 1 1/2 bigger to double it depending on if other thinks are going with it or if it is the whole meal
we find most portion sizes (serves 4) aka 3 mouthfuls is not enough

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  1. food, must disagree with you. We have found exactly the opposite. If a recipe describes that it serves 4, it will be at least 2 meals for us and each will have a nice lunch (or 6 servings). The food magazine recipes are even worse -- 1 lb of pasta with sauce and protein indicates 4 servings; for us it is 8 servings.

      1. I also generally find that recipes make much more than they say, on the web, in cookbooks, everywhere. I once made an "8-serving" recipe of red beans and rice, planning to have leftovers. Well I did - I ended up with about 16 servings. Every container I had was full. The exception to this is cookies. I must make mine bigger than everyone else's, because I usually only get half of the recipe estimate.

        1. Jfood's experience that many of the sauces that accompany the recipes need 1.5X to achieve the sauciness that jfood is looking for.

          1. If it says it serves 4, I usually cut a recipe in half..and even then, it usually ends up be 3 portions anyway.

            1. I think this depends very much on whether one considers two ounces of something an adequate serving, or "Not enough to fill a holler tooth!" as my granny used to say. When we were doing Weight Watchers many years ago we had to eat from salad plates just to feel properly fed. I must say that the "serves four" test recipe from Cook's Illustrated that I cooked last week made nearly six good servings as a side dish, and we served ourselves fairly generously.

              1. i guess it's me i eat like a slob

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                  Likely not, while half a main meal recipe usually lasts three or four plates for me, I typically serve 2 veggies and a starch along with it so things get stretched out - a like vareity on a plate. (This is daily family cooking and not entertaining)

                  If you're healthy, fit and trim, no worries! Sounds like you know how your family eats and adjust to accommodate it.