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Mar 29, 2009 08:41 PM

Chinese BBQ sausage in Boston?

Someone I met this past weekend told me about a sausage you could buy in Chinatown markets that, when cooked on the bbq, taste just like BBQ Spareribs...?? Does anybody know anything about this? Sounds awesome!!

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  1. maybe they were referring to lap cheung? usually comes in a shrink-wrapped clear package of about 8 sausages. of course there's always cha siu (bbq pork, looks red, not to be confused with roast pig, with the crispy orange skin) which you can see hanging in the windows at places like Hong kong Eatery, and would probably be even closer to "BBQ spareribs"

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      Hit the Super 88.. if it exists, and you can buy it retail, they probably have it.

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        It's definitely not lap chong, which I'd say tastes nothing like chinese-american spare ribs (aside maybe from the fact that they're sweetish). I agree with ScubaSteve, it's probably those "Chinese Brand Sausage"

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          There is a good version of chinese flavored sausage at dipasquales on Watertown street in Newton and it isn;t anything like lap cheong.

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            i guess the last time i ordered Chinese-American spare ribs anywhere was probably 15 yrs ago, so ok, i defer to your judgement

        2. do you mean the "Chinese Brand Sausage"? they do in fact taste just like the red dye Chinese ribs and are available at most MarketBaskets. they're the same size and shape as a traditional Italian sausage. i've never seen them in CTown though.

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            I have seen these in MB before, never got them though. Doms Sausage in Malden does this version very well. They do them in 6" BBQ size.

          2. Sounds like you may have your answer, but thought I'd just chime in to concur with the thought that chinese sausages (lap cheung) are not even remotely close to tasting like spareribs.

            1. I have seen the Chinese Sausage links at the Somerville Market Basket, Shaw's and McKinnons in Davis Square.

              1. You can get these at Shaws too....They are with the Italian Sausage. Or buy a jar of AH-sO sauce,,,its the same thing ;)

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                  yah but you'd have to take the meat out of the casing, mix it up, then re-stuff it.