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Mar 29, 2009 08:26 PM

Looking for great spicy food hole in the wall in Shanghai

My favourite restaurants in Beijing are little hole in the wall places (like Sichuan near the Lido night market in Chaoyang) with great spicy dishes. Going to Shanghai this time and would love to hear recommendations. Staying on Nanjing Road but don't mind a cab ride. Thanks!

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  1. This is the place you need to go, and lucky for you, just off Nanjing Road (right next to Nanjing Xi Lu metro station)
    it's called Hua Hua Chuan Cai.

    It's actually on wuijang lu and halfway down, you'll probably see a queue outside, it only has 4 tables inside.

    Try their spinach (I think) in red FuRu (ah, they mention it in the link) and the duck (they mention this as well), absolutely fantastic, pretty much the best Sichuan in Shanghai.

    Unfortunately the whole block is being torn down to make way for another shopping mall (like Shanghai needs any more??), it might already be too late!

    Another place worth trying is the newly opened Citizen Sichuan on Donghu Lu, a bit more upmarket but excellent food (please ignore South Beauty, I never understood the interest in this place) and it's always worth a visit to Di Shui Dong (Maoming Lu/Changle Lu) or Guyi (can't remember address) for Hunan food!

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      Di Shui Dong (Maoming Lu branch) will deal you a stingy chilli smackdown for a quarter of the price of a meal at south beauty. Oooh...I could scoff a plate of Di Shui Dong ribs right now.

      Will have to make a trip to Hua Hua Chuan Cai before it goes. I have been to a decent Sichuan restaurant on Wujiang lu, but it was a two-storey affair.

    2. Guyi, a Hunan restaurant on Fumin Lu, has been a favorite of mine for years. They do an excellent green and red pepper fish head, along with a delicious garlic shoots and larou (Hunan-style bacon).


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        I second the green and red pepper fish head at Guyi, that is my favorite Hunan dish. Just beware it is very spicy, be prepared to sweat.